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Peace and Happiness for Believers and Nonbelievers-bookcover

By: Kandiah Sivaloganathan

Peace and Happiness for Believers and Nonbelievers

Pages: 164 Ratings: 5.0
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Today humans are too busy working to gather wealth as a way of seeking happiness only to find that peace and joy are eluding them. They are resorting to chemicals for a moment of thrill in their active lifestyle. A highly-charged busy life does not provide any time to pause and gain in-depth knowledge of their life mechanism.    

This book explains the present-day misconceptions of the way society conducts its affairs regarding education, religion, environment and politics. It is written in a simple, readable language, with an astounding collection of facts and techniques usable by anyone interested in attaining health and happiness, and a wonderful new life of inner fulfilment.

It is a must-read book for people with a busy lifestyle, as it is found to be an illuminating and informative outlook on today’s difficult decisions on health and well-being. The readers will find much to intrigue them, compelling them to read until the final page.

Kandiah Sivaloganathan hails from a traditional family from Sri Lanka.

He graduated in Engineering with honours, University of Ceylon, Sri Lanka, and a master’s degree in Engineering, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia.

He has experience working as a consulting engineer with people in Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Australia. During this period, he witnessed firsthand the experience of sorrow and joy of the wealthiest and most deprived people in these places.

Kandiah Sivaloganathan is interested in spirituality and has devoted his life to spiritual pursuits. He is a devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Kandiah has recently authored two books, titled: A Brief Introduction to Hinduism, and Understanding Hinduism.

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1 reviews
  • Ian Abrahams

    The book title authored by Kandiah Sivaloganathan gives a clear message that the mystery of creation, whether one believes in a God or not, has many angles to uncover the mystery.
    The opening sections explain that creation always was. Within the primary seed is the “I” or “Self”, the notion that God is infinite in time and expense and humankind is the reflection of I which “Is”.
    The search for this God has taken many footsteps, though Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism which at face value can claim the “only path” in giving insights to the Truth, however Sivaloganathan lifts the thinking in a cosmic way to show that vastness of God as expressed by different religions actually all converge in unity.

    Also dealt with is the role of science versus religion in the quest to give meaning to our individual lives. Here Sivaloganathan shows that the greatest scientific minds in the ilk of Sir Isaac Newton and Einstein recognise that there is something beyond science that is expressed in religion. Religion embodies rights and ceremonies, while the science equivalent is in the laboratory, ultimately one has helped the other to expand human consciousness. Sivaloganathan notes that the seeker is one who realises that there is more to life than the material world they live and experience.

    Sai Baba has exemplified the value of building character and in turn how to have the right human values, coming back to the notion of seeing unity in all. Strangely as it may seem, each person goes through their own quest, “Who am
    I really?” By examining the body through the different layers, there is a way forward. The quintessence comes into self-transformation, you leave all your past behind and transform yourself completely. This does not mean giving up home life, but rather to understand the nature of the ego and to be liberated from it.
    This thought inspiring book covers the challenges and ways of overcoming the ego-self to the Self which is in all when consciousness becomes God-consciousness.

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