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By: Emil Zivadinovic

Petar's Rose

Pages: 108 Ratings: 5.0
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Set in the little-known backdrop of Serbia in the year 2000, Petar’s Rose unfolds in a world seemingly insulated from external influences, offering a glimpse into a setting exotic to Western readers. It’s a time marked by the aftermath of wars and isolation, where the young protagonist, immersed in a dreamlike state, grapples with the harsh reality of loss. Refusing to accept the passing of a girl he loves, he embarks on a quest to reconnect with his lost love, delving into ancient beliefs and forgotten lore, daring to cross into unknown realms.

Despite its themes of loss and longing, the story radiates with joy and humour, painting a vivid portrait of life in a unique and extraordinary society. The narrative offers a perspective seldom encountered by Anglo-American audiences: a protagonist who, despite his education, finds himself helplessly caught between the contrasting worlds of the West and the East, the present and the past. This tale is a genuine testament to the resilience and spirit of an individual living on the fringes of Europe, navigating the complexities of love, tradition, and identity.

Born in 1973, Emil Živadinović lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia, as a specialist in public health. Although a doctor by profession, he is engaged in literary pursuits as an author. He has had two volumes published in Serbian, Someone Else’s Angels (1998) and A Woman in Red (2020).

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1 reviews
  • Julijana Vilotic

    One entirely unusual story about love, faith, and the pursuit of purpose. At times lascivious and dramatic, told with a lot of imagination and literary inspiration. Love it!

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