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Pilgrim's Ark-bookcover

By: Greg Stroot

Pilgrim's Ark

Pages: 312 Ratings: 5.0
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“It was flared out as if it were a cosmic parachute.
In this firmament, where Earth was just another pinprick, an object chilled with veins of superfluid and superconductive memories traversed the final remnants of the Oort cloud.”


When software specialist Mike Brazier from SETI detects the arrival of an enigmatic visitor, it triggers an evolutionary chain of events. But, with humanity on the cusp of becoming a hive mind, their linked futures need a guiding hand.


As agitators exploit tensions between the augmented and the disillusioned, the path to survival must unfold covertly or awaken revolt. Can it be navigated without the help of Earth’s emergent conscious AI?

Greg is inspired by real science, space exploration and philosophy. Through devouring many books on science, both factual and fictional, Greg has acquired a hunger. It is a yearning that he quenches through writing stories that draw upon the magisterium of the real world with high fidelity.

Greg writes to portray Science in fiction, not the converse. It gives a canvas upon which real conflict can be portrayed without the suspension of disbelief.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Sytske

    Unique and thought-provoking take on what it would be like if an alien intelligence visited Earth.
    This novel is beautifully written and gives a unique picture of how the world we live in would respond to an alien encounter. I love how the story has a very multi-disciplinary perspective, showing you how our culture, social relationships and scientific endeavours would be affected and would adapt to a truly different type of alien civilization. The author has a great command of the English language and tells the story in a captivating and exciting way. I highly recommend reading this if you want an original sci-fi novel with a realistic discussion of the impacts that an alien intelligence would have on our society.

  • Frank Winston

    If you’re a science fiction fan, this book by first-time Australian author Greg Stroot is a “must-read”. It really puts science back into science fiction as Greg is a meticulous scientist himself with the vision and imagination to weave a compelling story.
    When a possible extra-terrestrial visitor is detected, the race is on to determine whether it’s time to panic or to rejoice. Are they here for conquest or curiosity? Will we be able to communicate with them?
    Set in the near future where artificial intelligence is making its presence felt and there is a real fear that the technology could “go rogue”, the world community comes together to communicate with the visitor and solve the world's pressing problems in the most surprising way.

  • Digby Wilson

    Pilgrims ark Greg Stroot
    I found the storyline and storytelling captivating by its descriptive format and masterful interrelationship with all the elements woven together like the helix of DNA I always looked forward to seeing where the story was going

    Greg has been able to combine many elements into a logical yet captivating story of evolution alien intelligence space travel human artificial intelligence big business politics life after death and nanotechnology. The mix of all the elements is very crafty intertwined with such descriptive writing combined with a few subtle references to science fiction stables like 2001 a space oddessy

    Greg has been able to describe the story such that you can see the nanobots feel the cold of space and the thirst for companionship from the alien intelligence and the earthly artificial intelligence while also feeling and smell the action locations
    Good read Greg

    Digby Wilson

  • Dion

    An inspired novel that explores how humanity would react to technology more advanced than were prepared for, which is becoming increasingly relevant. A new and realistic story of first contact where the author gives incredible detail on the evolution and history of the alien species.

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