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By: Kenzo Amariyo

Poems for Loved Ones

Pages: 84 Ratings: 5.0
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Death – it comes to us all. For some it means loss, for others, freedom; but in reality, it is the same as birth, a journey from one place to another.Poems for Loved Ones talks briefly about death and dying and about how the grieving process brings freedom and the ability to move on. It offers hope when it feels like there is none, comfort in a time of pain and acts as a positive reminder of those who have passed through the veil of life.Poems for Loved Ones is a collection of 50 heartfelt poems written with love and compassion for all those who are grieving or remembering. It is the author’s hope that this book will bring inner peace and healing and that it will help you to reconcile the idea that:“Like Birth - Death is Just a Change of Worlds on Our Journey to Enlightenment” - Kenzo Amariyo

Kenzo Amariyo spent nearly four decades learning, practicing and sharing natural medicine and spiritual experiences around various parts of the world bringing much healing into the lives of many others; many of those experiences she shares in her books.

Her personal journey has carried her to Australia, Sedona Arizona, Central America and back to the UK with many vast and varied stops along the way.

Kenzo considers her life an absolute blessing with experiences that have broken her, healed her and woven her into who and what she is today. She holds a PhD. in Natural Medicine, a Post Graduate qualification in Psychology and has vast experience in Shamanic Healing and Counselling.

As a Hermit, she now lives a more quiet life focusing on her childhood desire – writing; she writes poetry and non-fiction.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Janice

    Poems for Loved Ones has been a real blessing. My mum passed last year and I was struggling with the grief. It helped me to see that she wasn’t really gone, just not here with us. Some of the poems make me bawl my eyes out, but its good, I need to. Just wish the grief and pain would go away quicker. Janice Keats & Family

  • M. Saunders

    No one can prepare you for the loss of a baby, the feeling is beyond words. Its been 2 years now and although I still feel numb I no I am moving closer to acceptance. It doesn’t make it any easier but it is helping me to learn to live with the pain and loss. Your poems have been a real help especially “Fly Little One.”

  • Matthew L

    Kenzo, when Christine died I wanted to die too. Your poems gave me strength and hope. I take the book with me when I visit her grave and read them to her. I hope she hears. Cheers. It’s gonna be a long journey.

  • Julia Wilson

    Poems For Loved Ones by Kenzo Amariyo is a powerful collection of heartfelt poems for those who are grieving.
    In the introduction, we learn about the power of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is only a choice away.” We must forgive or else risk imprisoning ourselves in bitterness. Unforgiveness will hurt us most of all.
    As we love, we know that one day we will hurt. The only way to prevent hurt is to lock up our hearts and never love – but what sort of a life would that be?
    As we live, choose to live a life of love and make memories that will warm us when loss comes.
    Grief has a cycle of “denial; anger; bargaining; depression; acceptance.” We do not move on from one to the next in a fluid moment but will revisit the stages before we finally come to an acceptance of what we cannot change. Each grief journey is unique.
    All the poems are beautiful and from the heart. Loss is tangible. I found it most powerfully expressed in this verse:
    “I will always be here
    Just look to your heart,
    And there you will find me
    For we’ll never part.”
    This is a beautiful collection of poems that I shall revisit again and again.
    I will leave the final words to Kenzo Amariyo:
    “At the end of the day life and death are about love and compassion, for others and for ourselves. We fulfill our lives not by how much money we have, who we knew, or what job we had, but by the number of souls that we touched whilst here on earth. Love and compassion will carry us safely home.”
    I received a free copy from the publishers. A favorable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

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