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Poetic Retribution From Mars-bookcover

By: Sylvester Abanteriba

Poetic Retribution From Mars

Pages: 540 Ratings: 5.0
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The leadership of a country under an immense pressure from the world community to reform its atrocious political system, decided to send a spaceship loaded with world-renowned scientists to undertake a make believe research programme on the moon for a period of one year. This decoy did not go as planned and the spaceship, which was largely controlled by computers from Earth, could not land on the moon. Unfortunately, an attempt to bring it back to Earth failed when it bounced off the Earth’s atmosphere and proceeded to fly away at an ever-increasing speed. The marooned scientists developed various means of passing the time while they awaited the inevitable death. However, after nearly a year of wandering through the universe the spaceship landed on a planet, which turned out to be Mars but with conditions completely at variance with what is known on Earth about this planet. What the Martians learnt about the socio-political conditions on Earth displeased them enormously. They therefore sent the scientists back with an ultimatum for the world’s leadership, asking Earth to change its ways so that an acceptable interplanetary discourse could be established. The leadership of the world threw down the gauntlet and embarked upon a secret mission to bomb Mars out of existence. This was detected by the Martians and set the two planets on a collision course, with the winner of the encounter not much in doubt.

Sylvester Abanteriba is a world citizen. He was born in Ghana, educated in Europe, and obtained his Doctor of Engineering Degree at the University of Hannover, Germany. After working in Germany for several years, he immigrated to Australia, where he is a Professor of Propulsion Systems at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne and conducts lectures and research in engines including aircraft engines and rocket technology. Professor Abanteriba and his Costa Rican wife, Dr. Betty Abanteriba, have two sons: Adama and Agomena. During the course of their undergraduate studies, they met, married, and gave birth to their two sons. The family communicates easily in a multitude of languages: English, German, Romanian, Spanish and Buli. Professor Abanteriba is a man of unusual talent, who is at home writing complex scientific papers or papers on political issues, as well as poetry.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • meiko

    Poetic Retribution from Mars tells a unique science fiction adventure story. The author Sylvester Abanteriba builds a dramatic narrative across the planet with rich imagination and scientific and technological knowledge. The novel is not only for entertainment, but also reflects on the moral and scientific and technological development of human beings through its carefully designed plot. Through the description of future technology and alien life, Abanteriba not only created a fictional world, but also challenged readers to think about the ethical issues behind scientific and technological progress. This book is characterized by its unique perspective and profound theme, so that readers can enjoy reading and have more in-depth insights into the world they live in. Although Abanteriba, who turned into a writer as an engineer, may not be as proficient in literary expression as professional novelists, the scientific insights and innovative concepts he presents in the book are enough to make up for the lack of narrative skills and are refreshing. Generally speaking, this is a science fiction novel worth recommending, especially for readers who like to explore the relationship between technology and human nature in depth.

  • A Humble Student_XM

    "Poetic Retribution From Mars" has captivated readers with its compelling blend of political intrigue and science fiction. The narrative keeps readers on the edge of their seats with its unexpected plot twists and thought-provoking exploration of interplanetary relations. Prof. Sylvester Abanteriba skillfully crafts a story that is both entertaining and intellectually enriching, challenging readers to consider the consequences of human actions on a cosmic scale. The novel's detailed world-building and introspective examination of near-future scenarios have earned it high praise from readers, making it a must-read for fans of the genre. Overall, "Poetic Retribution From Mars" is a gripping and unforgettable journey that leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

  • Vey

    A captivating political sci-fi narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat, complete with an unexpected and intriguing plot twist. I found this book thoroughly entertaining and intellectually enriching.

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