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Preparing For Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood -bookcover

By: Nancy Murphy

Preparing For Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Pages: 543 Ratings: 4.6
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The myths of pregnancy and childbirth are all dispelled in Nancy Murphy's easy-to-read and factual account Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood, which is a 'must read' for any woman planning to have a baby. Much emphasis is placed on health prior to conception and how this can influence the developing baby whilst antenatal and later on throughout the child's life. However, Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood provides a detailed account of the entire nine-month process, providing an accessible and invaluable guide about pregnancy and birth to both parents. The hallmark of Nancy Murphy's book is the level of detail, which is informative without being overly scientific, or indeed, overwhelming. Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood will prove to be an invaluable companion for all prospective parents and a parenting reference book in the coming months and years ahead.

The author is a mother, experienced midwife and antenatal teacher. She has prepared many mothers for childbirth and has delivered many, many babies. She has translated her knowledge and experience into a simple language for the benefit of all. No one is blinded by science; basic information and advice is presented in an easy-to-read and easy manner with nothing alarming, and little that is not clearly expressed. Some difficult issues and questions commonly asked by women prior to and during pregnancy that often go unanswered are discussed. Her book, 'Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood' is compiled as a comprehensive health educational reference so that every woman and her partner can avail themselves of relevant information and advice before, during and after pregnancy.

Customer Reviews
14 reviews
14 reviews
  • Frances Mulqueen

    The author of this book is a midwife who clearly has vast experience in dealing with women before during and after pregnancy. Her love of midwifery in palpable in the many chapters where she deals with the whole experience of pregnancy and motherhood in a simple and easily understandable way. Nobody is blinded by science and medical terminology frequently used by health professionals is explained. This book takes the woman from the mother to be stage right through pregnancy, labor, and postnatal care. It is a "caring" book as well as a book of advice on the multiple aspects that apply to a woman's health at this time. She encourages the importance of choice in decisions relevant to the woman's pregnancy e.g. How she will feed her baby, pain relief in labor, early days in the hospital (or home in the case of a home delivery). She emphasizes the importance of other family members, most importantly the new Dad other Children and the helpful role of Grandparents. This can only be described as a beautiful book full of loving care and respect for Motherhood.

  • Éadaoin Tivenan

    "Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood" is a joy to read. It sets out a vision of pregnancy that is about safety, quality and choice and places women very firmly at the centre of the maternity services. This author devotedly takes the woman into her care from the preconception phase throughout pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of motherhood. No event is omitted and each development is explained in an easy to understand and woman-friendly manner which supports the normalisation of pregnancy and birth.
    While all pregnant women need a certain level of support, she emphasizes that some need more specialised care. Assisted delivery, premature birth and relevant postnatal care are addressed and explained.
    Sensitive issues such as Loss in Pregnancy, Got Death, Crisis Pregnancy, Parenting Alone is also discussed. This book with its plethora of information complements maternity services and health care. The wealth of information provided ensures the woman is familiar with the normal changes in Pregnancy and what to expect. The Health and Wellbeing approach is directly aimed at giving mothers and babies the best start while improving women's health in the long term. This book is a gem and a keepsake for couples planning parenthood.

  • The Kerryman Newspaper

    In her new book ‘Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood’ Nancy Murphy shares her vast experience in a variety of areas from preconceptive and antenatal care, delivery of baby, feeding the newborn and care of the newborn baby.
    She also addresses issues such as, Crisis Pregnancy, Parenting Alone, Miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy and much more.


  • Jerry Buttimer T.D

    What makes this book a real success is that it uses personal experiences to get across important messages. It is those insights and years of professional and personal experience which ensures that “Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood” is a successful self-help reference full of relevant information and advice. This new edition will help many more thousands of women prepare for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. It is a book of love that will continue to help the next generation of mothers in Ireland to prepare for what is a life-changing and life-giving experience.


  • Dr Karen Given

    A comprehensive guide for pregnant women and their partners to help them prepare for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy and prepare them for delivery and caring for their baby.

    This book is also beneficial for couples planning a pregnancy as the importance of good pre conceptive care is now getting due recognition.



    The author considers that inadequate preparation for pregnancy and birth is a major factor in the cause of complications that can be modified or even prevented by preparation for pregnancy. Many women may believe themselves to be in perfect health but yet have a lifestyle that has the potential to make them less well or even cause them to become ill. It is questionable how much healthier our babies would be if all prospective parents aimed for optimal pre conceptive health. ‘Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood’ is a health educational book and addresses all these issues.



    Good preparation can go a long way to ensuring a healthy pregnancy. An unhealthy lifestyle has the potential to endanger the health of the mother and the developing baby. In fact, both partners may need to make changes. Nancy Murphy is a midwife and antenatal teacher and author of ‘Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood’ which is her second book on this topic. Pre conceptive care has the colossal potential to positively influence the outcome of pregnancy. A woman who makes the effort to become healthy before pregnancy will continue throughout pregnancy and after the birth so its good for the whole the family.

  • Senator Mary Henry, Medical Doctor

    I see this book generally with its wealth of information and good illustrations, as one which will empower pregnant women at a time when they are feeling vulnerable.
    The reams of information in it would well prepare a woman before she sees her doctor – to get questions ready in advance of a visit.

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