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Randy The Runaway Raccoon-bookcover

By: Diana Sare

Randy The Runaway Raccoon

Pages: 112 Ratings: 5.0
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When a young raccoon named Randy meets up with a roaring monster, he runs for his life but manages instead, to get trapped by it. This is the beginning of his adventure involving a ghost, unknown animals and people in a foreign environment.

Coming from the city, where he had been nurtured by his mother, he quickly learns how to fend for himself when the wilderness he is exposed to makes it necessary. He grows up to discover his true nature with all the pitfalls and pleasures along the way.

This book is a whimsical fictional tale about a naïve raccoon’s experiences and includes a section on interesting facts about raccoons for young readers. 

After a very adventurous younger life, Diana Sare has settled down to divide her time into summers in the wilds of Canada and winters in a remote area of Panama. Along with her husband Robin, she still manages to travel extensively while painting, keeping up large gardens and spending as much time as possible with the young people in her family.

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2 reviews
  • Robin

    It was nearly Hallowe’en and me had read Randy the Runaway Raccoon to my JK class.They were enthralled! And they crowded close to me in our storey circle because they all insisted on admiring the dramatic illustrations of Randy’s wild and woolly adventures. So for art day- every one of them drew a picture of Randy in some predicament or other. Little Elizabeth who is a very artistic child drew Randy beside the lake with musical notes floating all through the sky. When I asked her why the musical notes- she replied- Randy loves being beside the beautiful lake and so he is singing a happy song.Carolyn is a romantic feminine little girl always in pink and she painted Randy with Rosie cuddled together in a big tree with a big pink heart around the two of them.Little Jaro plans on being a doctor one day and he painted Randy with a big white bandage around his damaged tail. Evvie painted the scene where the three raccoons played hide and seek among the bales of hay.Except she added lots of pumpkins. When I asked her why the pumpkins she said- I wanted the raccoons to have lots of food to eat. Gene drew the big train because he loves trains and cars.Ron is a little boy who loves animals. And Ron drew Randy in the big cage except he added a stove with smoke coming out the top. He said he wanted Randy to be warm and cosy. Louisa is a little girl who loves bright colours so she painted the scene with Randy and Rosie becoming good friends in front of a colourful sunset beside the lake. Louisa wants to paint like the author Diana Sare when she grows up. John and Carol both love food – so they both drew pictures of Randy feasting on crayfish and frogs and berries and nuts.A little Diana who planned to be a nurse one day painted Randy the Raccoon with his injured tail- just like little Jaro.Anne is a little girl with fat braids who loves words and she printed Randy the Raccoon is Wild and Free- and painted Randy running up a big fat tree.Today I passed out the construction paper and crayons and string and asked the children to make a mask for themselves for Halloween.They all kept asking for more black paper and more white paper. What about the color I asked? But then I finally caught on. When I asked them to put on their masks- there they were- a platoon of raccoons! Robin- the most adventurous boy in the class had been absent. Suddenly there was a commotion at the door and in catapulted a raccoon- all black and furry with white patches around his eyes and nose and tail.The children all shrieked with laughter – Randy! Randy! Randy- the Runaway Raccoon!!!!- They laughed and laughed and laughed And the most adventurous eyes in the class looked out with joy from a furry raccoon face. Robin!

  • Balances Dramatic Plot with Whimsical Entertainment

    This engaging young reader or read-aloud chapter book balances a dramatic plot with whimsical entertainment. Through Randy, children learn resourcefulness, bravery, and the joys of trying something new. The author's attention to detail makes this children's book stick out from the others. For example, each chapter title has a play on Randy Racoon's initials. Each antic of Randy is grounded in actual knowledge of raccoons and their behavior. Each illustration is an individual work of art. Buy it first to read aloud and then for your child to cherish over the years.

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