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By: Michal Hall

Rediscovering the Earth

Pages: 80 Ratings: 4.0
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Most people recognize that something is wrong, so they blame their leaders in governments, industry, religions, and numerous others. However, more and more people are coming to see that the problems are much deeper. They lie in who we have evolved to be…they lie in our species. With that in mind, I would suggest some questions as you read it. Is this book fiction or not? Is it a true story about us, or is it something totally unfamiliar? Is it about who we are, where we are, and where we are going? Does it involve important truths, or is it more nonsensical ramblings of escapism? You must decide.

The story is about a planet that has a renegade reflective species on it that is destroying itself and everything around it. However, with the help of other reflective beings from the cosmos, as well as a man they chose to represent them, the renegade species is eventually saved. The previously renegade beings return to their natural humility, love, and peace to recognize that they are not only a part of the Earth, they are the Earth. This book records the journey of these beings as they gradually learn who they really are. It follows them as they grow out of their pride, hate, and fear to become free and real. It is the story of their joyful return to the Earth that they had deserted and avoid their extinction to live happy, meaningful, sustainable lives with a future.

Dr. Hall began his formal education with advancing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. He has been a Presbyterian minister, taught in colleges, and produced and did numerous television series on philosophy and religion. He also started seven large organizations to meet human needs. In recent years, he has researched the surge in the knowledge of science. He became aware of the fact that we are causing our specie’s extinction as we kill off the Earth’s animals, plants and ecosystems. He sees that the only way to reverse this is by humbly returning to our mother Earth.

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1 reviews
  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    Rediscovering the Earth by Michal Hall was a very quick read with a powerful message. This is a book full of both despair and hope that deserves to be read multiple times. It reminds me slightly of Voice of the Elders by Greg Ripley (the first book review I wrote).

    The Earth is dying, humans and animals are going extinct quickly, and it is our fault. Humans have let our pride destroy our planet. Our belief that we can control everything and that we are better than even each other has destroyed our connection with other humans. Our pride, wars, and so-called technological advances have polluted the air and water, making it poisonous to humans, plants, and animals alike. In seeing plants and animals as inferior humans have selfishly destroyed entier ecosystems an wiped out species. Within one-hundred years or so humans will be completely gone as well.

    This is where The Federation steps in. As a highly evolved alien race, they offer to help pull the human race back from the brink of extinction and at first, humans foolishly deny this help. Thankfully one man by the name of Carl, who is nothing special himself, takes it upon himself to advocate for the entire race. After many years of deliberation on the subject, The Federation decides to help. Even with their help, it takes around twenty years before any major difference is noticed and much longer before most of the damage is reversed. As humans learn a culture of love, humility, and connection to the Earth The Federation hopes humans will one day be able to join them.

    Using a work of fiction to bring a serious problem to light is a wonderful idea and may help alert more people to the problem. Telling how help is almost denied because of how selfish and prideful humans are is a slap in the face that we would face destruction before the change. I wish it was more detailed on how Earth went from being in so much trouble to be safe. It seems to make a large time jump in that area and I would have liked to see more of the transformative process.

    There is nothing in this book that would be inappropriate for anyone. Adults and those that truly love the Earth will enjoy this book and see it as hope. Others who are not as aware of our situation might see it as a wake-up call. I rate this book 3 out of 4. The book brilliantly delivers a very important message. Without holding anything back it shows just how much trouble the world is in but offers hope through change. I hope millions of people across the world get to read this book.

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