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Reflections of a Catholic Altar Boy-bookcover

By: J. A. Cronin

Reflections of a Catholic Altar Boy

Pages: 316 Ratings: 4.9
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The Bible Delusion?

This book takes each of the 66 Bible texts and examines them carefully as a juror would pore over evidence in a trial. The fiction and mythology these ancient scribes penned form the basis of numerous belief systems. Do they hold up to close scrutiny? For too long, the secrets of the Bible have been mostly inaccessible due to the size of the collection of texts but also because of the tedious writing in so many instances. The Bible was designed to be difficult to read. The holy men in black never wanted it read too carefully. It has much to hide.

…and that’s only for starters

Is there a God? Is there an afterlife?

The numerous shocks and surprises the author found will challenge what has been taught for many centuries and continues to be preached in churches still. The various belief systems that have their origin in this book will be tested.

Maybe you always wanted to read the Bible but could never find the time or the patience?
This book can make that task easy.

“The truth will set you free.”
(John 8:32)

The author was born in Cork, Ireland, educated at the Christian Brothers, Limerick, and University College Cork, where he graduated with a B.A. H.D.E. In 1971. He has spent 43 years teaching, mostly English, in public schools in New South Wales, Australia. He is happily married with four adult children and two grandchildren.

Customer Reviews
21 reviews
21 reviews
  • Ian Kerr

    I found this a very interesting read, it was humorous at times and easy to read. It highlighted so many contradictions to what most people say, or interpret about such a quoted story. I read it from cover to cover and enjoyed the many quotes and accurate references backing up the authors thought-provoking arguments. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting another view of such an important book. In fact, I believe it should be a compulsory text for any religious schollar. Easily 5 stars.

  • Marian Lordan

    A friend recommended this book to me and explained what the Author reveals.
    I hesitated initially as I wasn't sure if I was ready to cope with having my Catholic upbringing shattered. Having now read the book I am shattered at what it reveals through the Authors pains taking analysis and how he presents his findings. VERY IMPRESSIVE and enlightening to say the least. I am annoyed at myself for having been so gullible all those years.
    This book is well worth reading provided the reader is prepared to come to terms with its content........I'm so glad I did have the courage.
    Marian Lordan

  • William O'Connor

    A must read for all bible studies groups! Like Cronin I was indoctrinated as a child by both Catholic nuns and priests. Strangely the bible was never at the forefront of their teaching and we were never encouraged to study it so I didn’t. J.A. Cronin has done the job for me in a style that is investigative, humorous and readable. In so doing he has laid the bible bare as a gigantic fraud. Any sane person reading his book could not come away with the belief that the Bible is the literal word of god. It should be mandatory reading for every “bible basher” and religious cleric. It has confirmed my atheism and I recommend it to anyone seeking the truth regarding the bible.

  • Sally M

    If you only read one book in your life, make it this one. The author J.A. Cronin takes you on a journey of discovery which should help you live a better life free of the lies and hypocrisy that religion promotes.

  • Thomas William Cowen BA BSc LLB (Hons) MES

    Review of AJ Cronin: Reflections of a Catholic Alter Boy.
    I wonder if the author is wryly amused by the irony of his writing a non-fiction treatise to demonstrate that a book, which, as many vehemently affirm, is the truth and is perfect because it is the word of god, is in the author’s assessment, in reality, a very flawed work of fiction.

    This is a very personal and subjective journey for the author. One where the author takes you into his confidence in the expectation that you will agree with his acerbic and at times sarcastic laying bare the legion of flaws, contradictions, and discrepancies contained within. To this end he uses rhetorical questions posed as statements such that you are trapped into agreeing with him, nodding your head sagely. And in this way, AJ Cronin brings you to an objectively drawn interpretation of your own from his subjective exploration of the book.

    And he does it with such aplomb.

    Atheists will be receptive to the author’s analysis. People who believe the bible offers them guidance on how a good life should be led will be shaken. But, if they read the bible as a metaphor they will pick and choose only those parts that support their worldview. If they read AJ Cronin’s analysis with an intelligent open mind then they too might question the basis of their beliefs. Those who read the bible literally will be flummoxed at the clear exposition of its contradictions. I could not hazard a guess as to how they might react to AJ Cronin’s analysis as I have never been able to understand how anyone could read the bible literally in any event. A complete embrace of credulity and dispensation of intellect I guess.

    Can one be a good Christian without the bible? Yes. One can lead a good life irrespective of what one’s view of the bible is. But it is also possible to lead a very bad life using the bible to justify one’s actions. Both sides in the American Civil War used different parts of the bible to prove god was on their side. If A J Cronin’s reflections were read by all then relying on the bible to support odious decisions would be much rarer.
    Thomas William Cowen
    BA BSc LLB (Hons) MES.

  • Anthony D.

    Some books help you live life a little better. This is one of those books.
    Highly recommended.

  • Graham Anderson

    If religion is all about power, influence and control over people's lives as this
    book states, then we have all been misled by this "Holy Book" for a very long

  • Fiona G

    At first I didn't think this book was for me. Now I'm thankful that I read it carefully. It has changed my outlook on life in general but on all man-made religion in particular. I feel I am better equipped now for the reality ahead.

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