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Ride a Red Pony-bookcover

By: Anne Edgeworth

Ride a Red Pony

Pages: 378 Ratings: 4.5
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Charles Macleod had a plan when he became the guardian of his youngest granddaughter, Jariah. Denied a childhood, Macleod saw Jariah's potential as he guided her to be his heir and successor, while controlling and manipulating those around her. Under tragic circumstances, Jariah is thrust into the leadership of her grandfather's business empire and the custodianship of his personal vault containing detailed dossiers on each family member. Ride a Red Pony travels across international borders and oceans, embracing the breadth of Macleod's global empire to the idyllic pastures of Jariah's mountain farm, where she encounters challenges, threats and treachery. There are romantic affairs, relationship breakdowns and betrayals as Jariah takes control and embraces love and happiness on her own terms, while endeavouring to resolve Macleod's meddling.

Anne is a creative; a writer and artist living on a small rural property in the Scenic Rim of South East Queensland, Australia. Anne’s working life was in the airline industry and she has lived in the Middle East and Asia. Her interests are in history, archaeology, genealogy, gardening and landscaping. She also paints in oil and has exhibited and sold art work. Anne also has an affinity with domestic animals and rescued native wildlife.

Customer Reviews
8 reviews
8 reviews
  • Deb

    This book has the makings of a good Hallmark movie/series. The plot has delightful twists and turns that you didn’t see coming and the characters have an authenticity that pulls the events together in an elaborate tapestry of storytelling. Every word makes an impact. Definitely worth a read.

  • Lynne Lloyd

    The lives of the rich and powerful people have long fascinated those of us who are not rich and powerful. Are they really any happier, we wonder? The answer is definitely, “no, they are not!” While they are no happier, they do have lots more of everything going on in their lives, like leading giant corporations, flying internationally in private jets, manipulating others, and holding on to family secrets. All of this and more are found in Anne Edgeworth’s new novel, “Ride a Red Pony.” Don’t let the title fool you, though, the red pony refers to the main protagonist’s love of horses and her horse breeding and racing abilities.

    Far from being a ‘horsey’ read, this gripping novel takes us around the world from one exotic location to another, including an Australian location, and plunges its readers into mysteries and adventures. At the heart of the story is Jariah, a strong-willed heiress, who has been mentored by her grandfather, Charles Macleod, to take over his global business empire. Due to a cold, unloving mother, Jariah has had a lonely childhood which she rises above as an adult. A number of very toxic relationships are dotted through the Macleod family, and Jariah finds herself the keeper of family secrets which, if they ever became exposed, would destroy the thin fabric holding the Mcleod family together. There is something for every reader here! One interesting thread is how a rich young woman can find someone she trusts enough to love.

    In “Ride a Red Pony”, the story never loses pace, and the reader is caught up in a whirl of excitement and action. So, if you like the thrills and unexpected turns of a reading rollercoaster, I thoroughly recommend the ride on this fabulous book!

  • Liz

    I will be honest and say that I don't have time for authors who aren't good storytellers, and if a book doesn't capture my interest during the first chapter, I don't read any further. This definitely wasn't the case with Ride A Red Pony as the characters immediately caught my interest and I kept wanting to find out more. You are definitely a wonderful storyteller who kept surprising me with all the twists and turns with this family. Now, that I have finished the book, I feel a bit bereft as I want to know what happens next as I felt as though I had become so involved with their lives.

  • Meredith

    A most enjoyable read. i am slow and take the time to become involved in the characters of the book as I read. It was easy to do that with these characters as the fantasy of such a life opens and beckons the romantic in all of us. The characters are very realistic and relatable despite living a lifestyle I personally can only dream of. It still felt very real as I "lived" each moment of the book. i find myself wondering now what becomes of these characters as surely they have not learned the error of their ways and old habits never die. I can only hope the writer, Anne Edgeworth, knows where to from here for these characters and has a sequel in the making. It would make a great TV mini series.

  • Trisha

    Great read. This book is a great book to take on a long flight. I can’t wait for the next book to keep following the main characters and what happens .it would make a great mini series. Looking forward to more books by this author.

  • Jo

    I loved Anne's portrayal of Jariah, the main character in this story of privilege, power, and complex family dynamics. Anne ends each chapter in such a way that the reader simply must read on. The story crosses continents and is set over a number of years, and the book contains many characters who are connected to each other in some way. This could result in a complex read, however, Anne skilfully provides a rich description of locations, events, and circumstances, resulting in a story that does not lose the reader. Who doesn't love a story of women who triumph over circumstance?! I was completely captivated for the duration of this novel. Congratulations Anne!

  • Gill Wells

    The story of a very dysfunctional family, who are rich beyond dreams and yet happiness seems to elude them as is often the case. An interesting read and a different take on the rich and famous maybe. I enjoyed it.

  • Tan

    I thoroughly enjoyed discovering Jariah's story right to the very end! Had a little bit of everything - romance, suspense, excitement, sorrow....the list goes on! Was easy to get to know the characters and delve into the trials and tribulations of their elaborate lives.

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