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RIP - Synergy-bookcover

By: Len E. Hooke

RIP - Synergy

Pages: 276 Ratings: 3.5
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This story is based on fact. It is an account of the issues and events that took over the author's life for decades. Part spiritual journey, part whodunnit, RIP-Synergy describes the uncovering of a rogue spirit who is taking young lives in a brutal fashion for no apparent reason, and in an almost undetectable manner. At the request of spirit elders, the narrator teams up with a sympathetic police inspector to track down the rogue spirit, in order to prevent further loss of life and restore equilibrium to the spiritual realms. RIP-Synergy is the first of a trilogy of books dealing with many aspects of the human condition. It is a whirlwind journey of soul, spirit and energetic discovery. This is a book for anyone who has ever thought about the meaning of life on earth, and what might lay beyond. The author of this book writes under the pseudonym of Len E Hooke.  

The author lives in Orpington with his wife and son. From a young age he had an interest in otherworldly issues. Later, he undertook a journey to uncover his spiritual core. He works as a psychic, hypnotherapist, healer and life coach. He hopes to use his books to invoke the same desire in his readers for a deeper personal spiritual insight.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Fatou B

    Amazing book, full of twists and turns. Provides a new slant on spiritual idealism and theory. You can feel the tension of the characters as if it were your own. This is not a self-help guide of how to live your life right and reap the benefits in this life and beyond, it is more a cautionary warning of what might go wrong regardless of the choices you make. The writer encourages the reader to look beyond their beliefs, and I feel many will benefit greatly from repeated reading of this book.

  • Essi

    Thank you to @austinmacauleypublishers for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review. It just wasn't for me. It's about a guy(the author himself) who is a psychic and teams up with a police officer to investigate a series of deaths. It's based on true story,which I had to keep reminding myself of. It just felt a bit too much to be true. But what do I know,maybe it all really happened. The book is part a spiritual story,part whodunnit. All the spiritual stuff just wasn't for me. It failed to keep my interest. I knew this was going to be a challenge,but I wanted to try reading something out of my comfort zone. If it had focused more on the whodunnit part,and less on the talks between the author and his spiritual guide,I would've probably enjoyed it more. The writing felt clumsy. It flowed much better on the spiritual parts,which shows the author is more comfortable writing about that,than a real life 'murder' investigation. The back cover says that the book is for anyone who has ever thought about the meaning of life and what may lie beyond. I think that someone who is into spiritual stuff,and interested in all that would enjoy this book. It just wasn't for me. It was supposed to be a thriller,but I really didn't feel that at all. Probably because I just wasn't into it,and found it all a bit too unbeliveable. So,unfortunately this was a miss for me. Still,I'm glad I read something completely different. Who knows,maybe I even got something from it. At least I like the cover!

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