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Rogue Justice-bookcover

By: Ben Nicholls

Rogue Justice

Pages: 620 Ratings: 5.0
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Someone disillusioned with the criminal justice system has decided that there is only one option available to prevent the scales of justice from tilting in favour of those that carry out heinous crimes. Believing the system broken, he ruthlessly dispenses his own brand of retribution.

Cutting a swathe through a rural community, he subjects his hapless preys to unimaginable cruelty in twisted games of cat and mouse before executing them in escalating brutality.

Detectives Englund and Hicks are tasked with tracking down a killer amidst their close-knit community, seemingly without motive.

When a young girl is kidnapped, coinciding with the release of a notorious paedophile, Englund is forced to evaluate his own position and question what justice really means.

Will Englund and the enigmatic Hicks catch the killer before the town implodes and takes justice into its own hands?

Or will they become another statistic in an ever-increasing body count?

Born in 1973, Ben grew up a keen sportsman. As a youngster, the lights and colour of World Series Cricket set him on a path that ended in Ben becoming an umpire at representative level on retirement as a player. Tennis gave Ben another competitive edge including a stint with American students. Helping to bring up two active boys left him to wonder what might have been. That sporting void was filled with the need to write which Ben managed to satisfy in the late hours of the evening. Ben and wife Rachel and their two children live in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. Rogue Justice is his debut novel.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Anne-Marie Reynolds

    Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls takes us on a rollercoaster journey of criminal justice. Someone isn’t happy with the system and has decided that something must be done to stop criminals from getting away with murder. He decides it's time for these people to pay for their crimes and takes it into his hands to dish out the retribution. Unimaginable cruelty follows twisted games and brutality that get worse, and it's down to two detectives to track him down before he takes things any further. Hicks and Englund go on the hunt for a murderer who, in their eyes, doesn’t appear to have a motive, but things are about to move up a notch. A pedophile has been released from prison and a young girl is kidnapped. For Englund and Hicks, the race is on to find the killer before the locals do it for them. The investigation forces Englund to question the real meaning of justice as the detectives race against time to stop the bodies piling up.

    Rogue Justice by Ben Nicholls is a cracking combination of thrills and terror as a killer goes on a rampage, hoping to make criminals pay for their crimes when the justice system has failed. Right from the start, this will drag you in with its descriptive story-telling as the plot unfolds. The characters are excellent, all well-defined with real flaws and stories that allow you to get to know them. This isn’t a short book but it’s the right length for the amount of detail needed for the plot, the right length to allow you time to get into it and learn everything you need to know before it ends. Nothing is rushed, the descriptions are perfect, and the dialog is easy to follow. There is some graphic violence and swearing so it isn’t ideal for a younger audience. For fans of thrillers, this is the perfect story to lose yourself in for several hours.

  • K.C. Finn

    Rogue Justice is a work of fiction in the thriller genre. It is aimed at
    older readers and was penned by Ben Nicholls. The book follows the
    investigation of a vigilante serial killer who has taken justice into
    their own hands within a small community. On the trail are Englund
    and Hicks, two detectives who are forced to consider their own
    feelings about the killer's modus operandi when a young girl is
    kidnapped. With the town a powder keg ready to explode if order is
    not restored soon, Englund and Hicks are forced to put their lives on
    the line to catch one killer and rescue the missing girl before it’s too
    This is definitely a book for readers of mysteries and thrillers who
    prefer darker and more dangerous tales. The author is not afraid to
    depict the grotesque horror that victims of abduction and murder
    are faced with. I found Englund to be a fascinating lead character
    with his own values and ideals being placed under scrutiny by the
    dangerous reality of the challenges he must overcome in order to
    do the job. Stories focusing on vigilante killers always have a moral
    tightrope to walk in exploring the concept of justice, but Ben
    Nicholls’ considered prose and explosive story do enormous justice
    to the high concept.
    The tension throughout the story is palpable, and the ambiguous
    nature of the danger the town faces, both from the killer in their
    midst to the possibility of mob justice for the missing girl, ensures
    that even the moments of respite that characters have between
    moments of high tension and drama never allow the story to
    become static. Rogue Justice is an excellent addition to the mystery
    and thriller genres with a lot to say and an explosive storyline in
    which to say it. I would recommend this book to any mature reader.

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