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Rory – The Purl Cat-bookcover

By: Lottie Dale

Rory – The Purl Cat

Pages: 62 Ratings: 4.4
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Cats have nine lives!

Whether or not you believe in an afterlife is unimportant in this instance.

Many of us welcome feline family members into our lives and their demise leaves a gaping hole in hearts and homes.

The story commences as Rory leaves his much loved family whilst still in his prime:

‘He didn’t mean to go when he did! In fact, the decision was taken completely out of his paws’

Written to both entertain and provide comfort, the book accompanies him on eight adventures before finally completing his journey.  

He discovers he can travel back and forth through time, take on different appearances and even become a ‘she’.

There are elements of fact, fiction and fantasy including:

Therapy cat for an autistic boy

Ship’s cat on HMS Amethyst in 1949

Survivor from the Great Fire of London

Locked down in London

Trip to space with a rejected astronaut.


Lottie Dale grew up in South London, attending school in Wimbledon before training as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. She was a health visitor and health promotion specialist prior to moving into senior management.

Lottie took up skydiving in her 30s and was part of a UK Freefall Record jump in 1989 and a British Women’s Formation Record in 1994.

Always fascinated by words and passionate about cats, she has brought the two together in this, her first, publication.

Lottie’s partner, artist Paul Priestley, has provided the book’s illustrations.

She has three sons and two granddaughters.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • Liz Haigh-Reeve

    This is a lovely book to give to a feline fan. It a comforting read as Rory’s adventures unfurl and wonderful to imagine how our own much love companions might have spent their nine lives. Lottie Dale has come up with a great creative concept. I can Rory popping up on the big screen in the future.

  • Edward Murray

    A unique and thought-provoking tale, well eight tales really, recounting the adventures of Rory the cat throughout all of his various lives. His experiences are sometimes straightforward, sometimes challenging, often life-affirming but never dull. A fascinating set of descriptions of feline lives well-lived.

  • Pat Piperato

    What a beautifully written story that engages the reader immediately. It is very imaginative and also comforting to anyone who has suffered a loss. As an adult I enjoyed the story immensely but also cannot wait to read it to my granddaughters. Highly recommended

  • Maureen

    An absolutely purrfect read for all adult catlovers! The historical chapters are well-researched and the cat vocabulary is hilarious.
    I am looking forward to purchasing copies to see the lovely illustrations on paper and sharing the stories with friends. A really lovely read

  • Laura Burrow

    What a divine book - I was looking for a gift for a cat-loving friend and am so so happy to have found this! Thank you!

  • PoppyP

    The book started well and the concept and historical references good, but I found a couple of the chapters confusing as to what reincarnation had taken place and then toward the end it felt like it was being rushed through.
    As a fully paid up cat lover I had been looking forward to reading it, but unfortunately it was not for me.

  • Peter Webb

    Very clever yet totally accessible; historical yet bang up-to-date; educational yet never preachy; highly entertaining yet with a heart full of compassion, Rory – The Purl Cat is all these things.
    As the story unfolds we are given a history lesson and social document all rolled into one, and all told by the unique voice that is Rory. Like a gatefold storybook, we journey through the eight, cat-flap-guarded chapters, and encounter events both factual and fantastical and must ask, are we experiencing each chapter’s events in replay fashion? Clues and clever meetings abound as characters, both historically accurate or of fictional creation, offer wisdom and an emotional connection to Rory and, through him to the reader. Accompanying Rory on his journey of discovery, not only about ‘the world and its conundrums’ but about himself and his place in the lives of humans, the story gives a sense of balance to the human experience and the place of animals within it. Not an easy tightrope to walk, but Lottie Dale does it with consummate ease, imparting philosophical and laugh-out-load scenarios as she does so. A really first-class read, with delightful line drawings by Paul Priestley to accentuate each chapter’s time and place, I can see a future for this particular feline and look forward to future engagements.

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