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By: Alessandra Melville


Pages: 222 Ratings: 5.0
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The year is 2088. A virus has killed countless people and the world swelters in a relentless heat wave. In a small, isolated compound in Australia, Olivia Taylor volunteers to search for meat and other humans outside the secure walls of her home. Accompanied by four other teenagers, Olivia sets off from the presence of her changed mother, Grace, and embarks on a trek into the dangerous bush and sun-scorched wilderness outside the Community. As they encounter new lives, face adversaries, find old acquaintances, and run into death, Olivia and her team struggle a triumphant return to their home. In the latter point of view, Olivia's mother, Mrs Taylor, explains how her family met trouble on their journey in the aftermath of the outbreak. With her two daughters, husband, and the neighboring family, Grace forces herself to swallow heartbreak and pain, and the soldier on for the sake of survival. In the beginning days of the Community's formation, Grace battles with bickering companions, a hardened heart, and a never-ending determination to make it to another day.  

Alessandra spent the first twelve years of her life living in China, Singapore, Thailand and Perth before returning back to Sydney, Australia. When she isn't writing or day dreaming up stories, Alessandra likes to explore the outdoors whenever possible, usually with a trusty pooch by her side.

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1 reviews
  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    Scavengers by Alessandra Melville is ideal for those who like post-apocalyptic stories. While readers won’t find zombies in these pages they will discover a world with Fallout tones mixed with Divergent.

    Olivia Taylor lives safely within the confines of the Community along with other survivors. This Community was founded after a virus outbreak to protect the survivors from raider attacks. Unfortunately, not all is perfect in the Community. Soaring temperatures and a lack of resources mixed with the ever-present threat of discovery cause the Community’s numbers to drop, resulting in the need for a Scavenging trip. Olivia and all the other children of the community that are of age report to volunteer to scavenge and this year she is finally picked. Now along with four others, Olivia must leave the safety of the community in an attempt to bring back supplies, food, and new members or not come back at all.

    Before the foundation of the Community, disaster struck the world. A virus ran rampant and high temperatures cause drought and dehydration. Out of desperation, the entire Taylor family leaves their home, along with many others, in search of a safer place to live. Yet in a world that is falling apart, the danger is everywhere and the journey is not an easy one. Finally, they meet up with others fleeing the city but they have to stop and wonder if anywhere is safe anymore.

    I was very happy to find halfway through the book that it changes focus from Olivia to Grace. This answered many questions that I was beginning to the forum but was afraid I would never get an answer too, and yet did not explain everything. The book is also well detailed and I can sense a well thought out backstory driving everything. I wanted more out of the book in the end for both parts of the story. The cliffhangers and unanswered questions would easily be fixed with a sequel that I feel this book deserves.

    Teens and young adults will enjoy this book just as much if not more so than adults. The young readers will enjoy the story and I suppose some of the older readers will start questioning just how these events came to pass. I rate this book 4 out of 4. This book deserves a sequel. It is very well written and enjoyable book. It could easily make itself at home on shelves right alongside other such dystopian books. This book is so gripping a read that many readers should be able to finish it in just a couple of days.

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