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See the Colour in the Clouds-bookcover

By: Stefanie Sixsmith

See the Colour in the Clouds

Pages: 166 Ratings: 5.0
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Six years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I revisited my diary and decided to share my experiences.

I reveal how losing my hair turned from tragedy to comedy, how a watercress and potato soup sent emotions soaring, and the way in which my two young daughters played such a huge part in my recovery.

In my own words and images, this is my story; from diagnosis to life after cancer – the complex emotions, the mood swings and the surprises along the way.

This is my recollection of the events and emotions that lined my unique path through breast cancer. I hope that the excerpts, taken from my original diary, are not only enlightening for other cancer sufferers, but that they might throw out a beacon of light to the many families and friends supporting their loved ones through a time of anguish and uncertainty.

About the Author:

Stefanie (Gig) Sixsmith grew up in Surrey, graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Kingston School of Art. She launched her design career with Virgin Atlantic, followed by 30 years of independent commercial design work.

Inspired by her daughters, when they were young, she designed a range of children’s educational products, which she uses to run imagination workshops in schools –

Stefanie’s talent gave her the vision to create and share this emotional journey following her experience with breast cancer.

She lives in Warwickshire with her husband, teenage daughters and their black Labrador, and goes by her childhood nickname Gig.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Kate

    This is an amazing book written from the heart that takes you on a personal roller coaster ride of cancer treatment. It had me laughing and crying as you are taken on the journey, and made me realise what actually goes on behind the scenes. It has a lovely touch with handwritten excerpts and illustrations. Well worth a read.

  • Sally

    A truly powerful encounter of such a personal emotional journey. See the Colour in the Clouds really pulled at my heartstrings but also made me understand just how important family and friends become when faced with such an emotional roller coaster. I have been able to share this wonderful, moving encounter with several friends who were experiencing a similar journey. They have found it comforting and inspiring, being able to relate to it and draw strength from it. The artwork and handwritten sections, in this book, make it even more poignant and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

  • Jane

    Once you start reading this, you won't be able to put it down. 'See the Colour in the Clouds' is both an intensely moving personal story and one that will resonate with many in its evocative account of the universal themes of anxiety, love, support and even humour, in the face of the biggest of life challenges. Incredibly uplifting and highly recommended.

  • Sarah

    See the Colour in the Clouds touches the heart and soul and landed with me on two different levels. Firstly, the intimate detail and carefully chosen personal artwork depicts a truly personal journey through Cancer treatment and beyond.

    Secondly (and on a personal level), after caring for my own father, this book supported me in my own understanding of what it may feel like to be on the other side and that each person needs to navigate their way through in their own way. For my father, it reached out to him and offered solidarity, comfort and support.

    I have since purchased a further copy for a close friend and colleague who is about to embark on their own journey through Breast Cancer treatment – my recommendation to them being based on the honesty and hopefulness that is conveyed in the book.

    This book has been created out of raw emotion and creative talent – a wonderful read for anyone.

    (Please note: I have sent this previously - but I think I forgot to add my name - I have now added above and would be delighted if the review could be added).

  • Irene

    Colour in the Clouds is a wonderful book to read especially if you or someone in your family has or has had breast cancer. It is full of joyous moments and delightful twists and it's also beautifully illustrated. The writer does an amazing job of writing so honestly and observantly. Recommended!!

  • Mark Fitz

    This book is amazing and is put together in a highly original way. You hear about books that you can't put down but 'See the Colour in the Clouds' really was exactly that. I could not put it down and read the whole book from cover to cover in one unstoppable session. The incredible thing is, the author made that easy. Despite covering what would ordinarily be a tricky subject, it was un-put-downable, if that's even a word! It's so many other things too — poignant, insightful, profound, sad, happy and ultimately uplifting.

    As well as being the only book in my 58 years that I have read from cover to cover in just one sitting, it is also the only book I can recall that has an original illustration on pretty much every double-page spread. As well as her highly original way of taking us along on her journey, the author is a talented artist too. Every illustration is unique in style and original (and her daughters' illustrations were equally enlightening, adorable — and touching). What's more the illustrations and accompanying notes gave me, the reader, a unique perspective into the author's thought process as they navigated their journey through discovery, treatment and the monumental juggling act that went with it.

    Honestly, just buy it. I'd go so far as to say that anyone who has been affected directly or indirectly by 'the Big C' should read it — it will resonate, educate, give hope and enlighten in so many ways.

    Thoroughly recommended.

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