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Seek the Goddess-bookcover

By: Dianah Chorlton

Seek the Goddess

Pages: 306 Ratings: 4.9
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Defying the shifting sands of time, once again Lovers will be re-united as 'soulmates'. A love story where the author weaves her audience back and forth along her personal path into two separate lifetimes, uncovering the wonders and heartaches experienced as two different identities. Yet similar characteristics begin to unfold as on-lookers are enticed to follow the steps of the present-day character Diane along her 'spiritual journey' of 'self-discovery' where all would be revealed to 'Why?'. Why was she being sent unexplained messages from unexplained sources, indicating that there was more to understand than just to exist? What was her life in the 20th century trying to tell her? Questions eventually answered once she experienced the magical event of her 'awakening', unveiling the truth about her 'past life' amidst the splendorous, 18th-dynasty empire of ancient Egypt's capital of Thebes…

Dianah Chorlton was born in Adelaide, South Australia. She now lives with her English-born husband, Robert, along the picturesque coastline of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Practising as a Natural Therapist, she conducts her healing treatments from home to a faithful following of clientele.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • Carla Gray

    Seek the Goddess was very enjoyable and relatable.
    Dianah portrays a beautiful weave through time and history. l was unable to put the book down.
    Carla Gray

  • Chris

    Well, what an exciting read, I thoroughly enjoyed seek the goddess, very cleverly written, well done Dianah.

  • Anne Gray

    Well crafted and factually accurate - I thoroughly enjoyed this great read!

  • Glen Harris

    A unique storyline of two intriguing young women whose past and future entwines. Each chapter shifting from one character to the other in a different life time and place . would highly recommend this book .


    An absorbing story of two lives thousands of years apart leads to the realisation that love and tragedy and final redemption are as old as time itself. Fabulous read!

  • KathyJo

    A very enjoyable read. Well spun and told. Loved how I was transported to different times and culture.

  • Robynne Robinson

    An enthralling tale of a past life in ancient Egypt, as Tiya, a beautiful young woman's extraordinary life, enduring love, lies and betrayal. Tiya, becoming a high priestess in ancient Egypt, a time full of rituals and beliefs, when male dominance was all-powerful, captivates the reader's imagination with every descriptive passage in this book.
    The story compels the reader to turn every page with excited anticipation of the next harrowing or ethereal event, through tragic deaths, entwined to eventual marvellous rebirth into this modern era......The awakening of present-day new life, connections to the tormented past, experiences relived, but now stepping forward with understanding, hope and clarity. The way forward, finding true love and life purpose......I enjoyed this book and read it twice as I was intrigued by the research that must have gone into creating such vivid details of ancient Egyptian life in Thebes. Many enchanting incidents of descriptive history, like the mesmerising isle of death. One example that stays in my thoughts is the passage about an embalming ritual! I dare you to read it and not smell the scene, feel the intensity of the act. Likewise, Tiya's cruel fate...A great read with a fascinating history lesson on ancient Egypt.

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