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Shoot for the Face-bookcover

By: Charles Anderson

Shoot for the Face

Pages: 244 Ratings: 5.0
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Jason Rogers couldn’t remember the last time he had slept soundly. After surviving 20 years in the high-octane world of Russian investment banking, he knew that his time there as the high-flying international banker to the oligarchs was coming to an end.

The bank he’d built from scratch in the 90s, Falcon Capital, his pride and joy, was being assailed on all sides by shadowy forces in Russian society with impeccable government connections, the “siloviki”. To compound matters, his chief risk officer had approved a loan to an oligarch, Ari Kandinskiy, who was down on his luck and had all but gone broke. His efforts to recover desperately needed funds from the stricken oligarch would pit him against powerful interests in Moscow – including Ruslan Akhmatov, the mercurial emissary of Russia’s most troublesome regional governor.

Desperate times would call for desperate measures. Jason Rogers would have to call one final time on the services of Dmitry Ovchinnikov, the Siberian hitman who was a little rough around the edges and dressed like an American cowboy – but who had proved so terribly effective at neutralising his client’s enemies over the years and despatching them to cemeteries all over Russia.

Dmitry Ovchinnikov’s capacity for violence and appetite for dispensing his own, unique brand of “justice” would result in some of Moscow’s most bloody executions in recent memory. It would trigger an orgy of revenge killings which would see the body parts of prominent members of the Russian underworld scattered all over the white tablecloths of that city’s finest restaurants.

Would Jason Rogers come to regret the murderous gang war that he had unleashed on the streets of Moscow? Would he become one of its victims?

Only time would tell…

Charles is an Australian who has worked for the past twenty years in a range of different countries as an international lawyer. His inspiration for Shoot for the Face is drawn from experiences while living and working in Moscow, Russia. He now lives in Switzerland with his wife and children.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Pete M

    If you like crime thrillers, you'll enjoy this one. It has everything: great writing, an engaging story, and a satisfying ending. The author obviously has inside knowledge of Moscow's seedy underbelly which added an extra layer of realism. He did a brilliant job of setting up the novel in the first few chapters and then slowly letting us get to know the main characters before truly drawing us in. Hopefully, this is the first of many novels to come, as I can't wait to read the next one!

  • Camp Freddie

    A real page turning great story and thoroughly enjoyable. The author cleverly interweaves real life events that occurred around the time this novel is set. Some of the characters could have been based on people in Moscow at the time. And it is set in a Russia that was going through some dramatic changes at the time, changes not obvious then, and the author’s insight is excellent. I liked the twist at the end, the survivors were a surprise.

  • Timothy P Graf

    A very entertaining and engrossing read, Shoot For The Face will not disappoint anyone looking for a fast-paced crime thriller. The author's lived experience shines through, with loads on insider commentary on how business is done in modern Russian, all amidst a gripping tale of lawyers, guns and money. Highly recommended!

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