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Short Stories-bookcover

By: Rachel Leadbetter

Short Stories

Pages: 122 Ratings: 5.0
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A picture-perfect family with an amazing lifestyle – envied by most, yearned for by others. Watched from the sidelines by many and competed for the affections by some. Tragedy can strike at any time to anyone.

How will this beautiful family survive, what will they do and how will they rebuild after such a significant loss?

A tale of love, loss and debauchery. Read if you dare…

A gift of friendship, an opportunity to be together and look into the unknown. A group of friends wanting to spend special time together on an excursion that takes an unexpected turn. The secrets, the passions, the exploration into a dark world. Finding unlikely friends and allies in a desperate scenario. 

Rachel was born to June and Terry towards the end of the year in 1968. Living in Staffordshire, then Wolverhampton, and attending at first, local schools before going to an all-girls school. Rachel wrote short stories at school, keen to share with particular teaching staff, but did not get the response she wanted. Her ambition to write grew stronger from this time. Now a wife and mother to two beautiful children, she finds the time to keep that writing passion going.

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14 reviews
14 reviews
  • Nqobile771

    Stanislas M Yassukovich is a seasoned author who has honed the skill of storytelling. In his latest offering titled Short Stories, Yassukovich has compiled eight short stories that cover a variety of topics such as divorce, ghosts, vacations, the lives of affluent individuals, and other tales. This compilation of stories is a work of fiction that was inspired by the author’s experiences and encounters with people in cosmopolitan spaces.

    The tales are independent, well-written, and fascinating. The tale titled A Monkey’s Divorce left my heart feeling warm and fuzzy. In this tale, we are introduced to Jacob. He is a young man who recently graduated and was in the job market. Despite doing exceptionally well in his studies, he struggled to secure employment. Being unemployed left him feeling frustrated and hopeless. After a short while, an opportunity arose for Jacob to represent a client on a divorce case, and he grabbed it with both hands. While preparing for the case, he met a young lady with whom he fell in love. Could this job opportunity and a new love interest signal a new chapter in Jacob’s life? Readers will have to read Short Stories to find out about Jacob and several other interesting characters in the tales.

    What I liked about the book is the diversity of the tales. I could relate to Jacob’s frustrations while he was job hunting because, at some point, I also struggled for a short while to secure employment. Like Mrs. Seymour (a character from another tale), I believe one must look presentable whenever they step out of the house.

    The writing style used by the author is easy to comprehend, and the book is structured logically. The language used is also clean and free from profanity.

    The editing of the book is commendable, as I only picked up one punctuation error throughout. It is, therefore, safe to assume that the book was professionally edited.

    I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars as I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s writing style, the diversity of the tales, and the experiences shared in each story. It is evident that the author is well-traveled and enjoys the finer things in life. He has successfully managed to convey real-life stories in a fun and captivating manner.

    Readers who enjoy short stories are spoiled for choice with a variety of tales. This book is suitable for those who enjoy reading about other’s travel experiences, hunting, ghost stories, and a host of other fascinating tales.

  • Ntombifuthi Londi

    The book has sparked my attention, and I'd like to read it to discover who Jacob's sweetheart is. But, most significantly, I'd like to know how he handled the issue of unemployment. It had to be a nightmare.

  • Lauren16

    This seems like quite the book! I'm glad the short stories are diverse. That's interesting how the author incorporated real-life stories into the tales.

  • Jydel

    Short Stories sounds interesting. It's a book I would totally read.

  • Kaushiki Parihar

    Short stories based on ghosts, hunting and traveling experiences sounds enthralling.

  • Honest-reviewer

    Short stories are fun to read. The author has included many different topics that makes it interesting.

  • IamJc_Bembo12

    Wow, such a clever idea of collating all his stories in a single masterpiece. Definitely give this one a go.

  • Nkgchidimma080

    Unemployment is a great challenge,I really hope to find out how Jacob handled the challenge of unemployment.

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