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By: Paddy Hall


Pages: 102 Ratings: 4.7
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So… people have made a mess of things as usual, and the Valley is cold and cheerless.

The last Red Dragon is born, snorting and pale pink in a damp cave, unable to make fire, melt glaciers and usher in spring.

Can Snort together with his only friends, three heroic mice Shallwe, Whatif and Doit, reach The Great Attenbird who has seen it all from the top of the mountain? Can they take direction from Corvid 20 and Corvid 20A the know-it-all Jackdaws, glean some truth from Cummins and Govins the slippery lizards of the ice kingdom.

Will Scarlett and Vulcan, the ancient Red Dragon parents, live long enough to be proud of their only child and hear the birds sing again?

Will a tired and angry band of children do a better job next time? Not all these questions are answered inside these covers, but some are…

Paddy Hall was born in 1945 and has been telling stories to his brothers and sisters, family and friends, people in the street, with a bit of fire eating, in schools and on conference floors—basically to anyone who will listen, for many years. He earned a living mostly in education, as a drama teacher, youth worker, vice-principal, Ofsted inspector, consultant, governor and broadcaster. He now sits on Boards of Trustees in Education, Health Care and Wildlife Conservation. This is the first story he has written down. He lives, surrounded by dogs, cats, parrots, chickens and fish in Yorkshire with his long-suffering wife, Marti and near enough to his children and grandchildren to read or tell stories, whenever they visit.

The illustrator, Nicola Spencer was born in 1990 and currently lives in East Yorkshire. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art, in 2012, with a BA Hons degree in painting and printmaking. She is a freelance artist and illustrator and has had her artwork exhibited in several galleries. Nicola has worked on a variety of published children’s books, book cover designs, and a comic book and Snort is her most recent project. Nicola has a love of depicting animals in her illustrations and wild birds seen in nature are a constant source of inspiration.

Customer Reviews
18 reviews
18 reviews
  • Paul. S

    An exiting very well written, , heartwarming tale, with superb illustrations, highly recommended

  • Victoria Allison-Bolger

    The story is well-told - it is a version of the classic plot of the Quest (Don Quixote, Holy Grail, Da Vinci Code) - but so engaging that you want to read on to see how it will unfold. The suspense gathers towards the end and the set up for the final fire-breathing that melts the ice wall is beautifully imagined and realised.

    The writing is good, well-paced with a pleasing rhythm that lends itself to being read out loud. There is some lovely imagery - ‘the tide of his dreams went in and out all night’, and the fog hanging around the Granite Mountain ‘like a wet skirt’. The little songs and speeches are a nice touch.

    The characters of Snort and the three mice are well-developed so that you care about what happens to them. The creatures they meet on their travels have their own foibles which add texture to the story as do the walk-on parts - the spotted pigs and the tortoises - and the contextual details like the old dragon’s home. I was very sad when Vulcan and Scarlett turned to stone.

    The book has a message but is not overly didactic. It doesn’t beat the reader over the head so they are able to enjoy the story and not feel they are being lectured about climate change.

    The illustrations are excellent and a great addition to the book

  • Lindy Creighton-Clarke

    Snort is a delightful, pertinent, funny, serious story which, especially when read out loud, will entertain any child aged between about 4 and 104. I'm on my second reading and, if baby dragons look anything like Nicola's enchanting illustrations I would very much like one for Christmas, please. In fact, I rather think the Great Attenbird himself might just like one in his Christmas stocking?

  • Willow D

    I love the book, it's very entertaining. The names are very artistic, my favorite names are Corvid 20 & Corvid 20A, and the mice' names. It's a fantastic story about dragons and the drawings are amazing.

  • Scarlett M

    I thought that it was very good. I was especially impressed by how you came up with the idea that the jackdaws names (Corvid 20 and Corvid 28) and how the different dragons were all unique.

  • JACK D

    I think the book was very well written and a very good book for children and it was very nice listening to the book I really enjoyed it and liked it. It is a very good book to read when you just want to chill and read.

  • David J

    The book was brilliant and had a lot of action in the first 5 chapters. That's how far I'm now it's brilliant and has a lot of plot. I recommend this book. 5 stars.

  • Alice p

    The book Snort is amazing. It is really good. I got really into it if someone reads it to you and you close your eyes you can imagine that you are there. Together I think it is a really good book. I do recommend the book It's a good kids' book. I loved it.

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