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Tarak's Dust of Desire-bookcover

By: Jason Warren

Tarak's Dust of Desire

Pages: 186 Ratings: 5.0
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When thrust forward almost a century and a half on, subsequent to being fragmented from his tribe, tracked down by tenacious bandits and then tragically meeting his demise – along with his parents’ – Tarak is in a dimension of bewilderment when he finds out that he has in fact been reincarnated and time-travelled to a contemporary Phoenix, Arizona, and now possesses more magic in his little blowpipe than he could have dreamt of.

However, he comes to the realisation that modern-day society is just as challenging as the mid-nineteenth century, and obstacles are put in front of the misplaced Apache almost imminently.

Jayden Adams can arguably be the bad influence on Tarak, as he befriends the time-leaping native. Nonetheless, Jayden suggests his new buddy to join his school. And so, Tarak proceeds on his conquest of new age education. But that’s when things take a chilled turn as Sunview’s vice principal is not to be trifled with.

It’s fair to state: “Jason is that of a distinction, in the universe of writing.” His approach on rendering any reader that is fortunate enough to intake his sublime memoirs – a vivid projection, is a culmination of his passion to reach out to the entire globe. Growing up, immersed by comic books and all types of movies primitively, quite naturally, it was inevitable he would convey his own magical theme, constructed with great analogy. A raw but proficient writer. That will draw ‘any’ towards his work. A fundamental individual, that wheels a vibrant and quirky ambience within his plots. He knows his craft. And is finally here – to captivate the world!

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Polly Wallace

    Wow!!! What a captivating read. Would highly recommend this book! The story starts in 19th century Arizona, and in vivid detail goes back and forth showing the contrast with typical 21st century life as we know it (obsession with Cyborg City) with a little bit of magic thrown in there too. I've found the references to the 19th-century way of life, the tribes, the clothes and even the food is factual which makes the read even more interesting. The book had me laughing in every chapter, and we all know a teacher like Malone. And I definitely need to get my hands on that blowpipe!

  • John

    Excellent read, right up there with all the other great fantasy novels, took it to the loo with more than once. I feld like a big kid lol.

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