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Ted Harrison's Rainbow Road-bookcover

By: Jan Stirling

Ted Harrison's Rainbow Road

Pages: 186 Ratings: 4.5
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Jan Stirling and Ted Harrison, the celebrated Canadian painter, met in 2007 and felt an immediate connection. Jan spent more and more time with him, oblivious of their age difference, always feeling his acceptance of her quirky, candid nature. As a jazz musician, she appreciated his ability to improvise with words, without fear of making a mistake. She would suggest a subject and then write down in shorthand what he had to say. Although never edited, these improvs were called poems. They showed that even as his physical freedom diminished, he had a very rich mental life.

After Ted passed on, Jan revisited these poems, writing about her experiences with him up to her final visit in January 2015, the last day Ted was conscious. Each chapter is interspersed with Ted’s poems. The book shows an intimate side of Ted that deepens our appreciation for his life and work.

Jan Stirling, ARCT, B.Mus. Arts, is an accomplished jazz pianist, piano teacher, composer, writer and Biofield Tuning Practitioner. She lives in Victoria B.C. and performs at the Empress Hotel, Butchart Gardens, Oswego Hotel and the Lieutenant Governor’s House as a soloist or in jazz ensemble configurations.

Ted Harrison was an English-Canadian artist who is mostly known for his vivid painting of the Yukon. His love of the people and the land there brought him international acclaim. His distinct style, employing bright colours and whimsical scenes, appeals to all ages. Harrison also taught art in the public school system for several decades, inspiring countless students with his enthusiasm and wit.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Julie

    Your book is now number one on my list of favourite reads. Yogi Bhajan taught that when we become one with ourselves, our thoughts, words and actions will have no gaps; there will be no contradictions. We do not model ourselves after someone else; we are who we are ......... and that is you ..............a guru. For a small book, it is loaded with yogic philosophy. I bow to you my friend. Thank you for being you.

  • Edie Daponte

    Already read it and it’s brilliant! Touching and whimsical ❤️

  • Val

    The highlight of my day is to read a few more pages of this delicious book!

  • Bruce

    I feel like I’m a voyeur as I read about your adventures - it’s so well-done

  • Bobbi

    Started your book can’t put it down, a real fun read!

  • Dr Larry Licht

    Jan Stirling’s book describing her friendship with Ted Harrison is an amazing, life-affirming story. Her detailed descriptions of their trips and meetings for drinks, coffee, to hear music or simply to chat are truly uplifting. Jan and Ted’s musings on varying moods of joy, laughter, sadness -life itself- that are experienced in a relationship between friends - are moving and profound. What a beautiful book!

  • S.B

    After I finished the book, my cheeks wet with tears, I heard stirring downstairs. My family was waking. And there I sat, feeling elevated, shifted, changed in a way that a meaningful book, a unique work of art can change me. I more deeply felt the preciousness of my own life, and of the people I love. And I felt a wave of desire to make sure I love them in real ways, so that they feel it. Thank you Jan, for being you, and for creating your book. Thank you for being the unique, precious person that you are, and for sharing yourself so genuinely and generously. I love your book

  • V.T.

    Love your book.....the style reminded me Mitch Albom´s Tuesday’s With Morrie

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