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Ten Minutes On Mars-bookcover

By: Jonathan Fisher

Ten Minutes On Mars

Pages: 217 Ratings: 4.0
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Welcome to a place beyond the borders of the imagination. The signpost up ahead reads Blackest Hole in the Universe. This is Hallowe'en Town, a singularity in Hell.
This is a town stuck in time and located on a fault line where the magical, mystical, and supernatural intersect with the dreary and the mundane, creating a confluence of otherworldliness.

Enter, if you will, to a collection of eighteen breathtaking short stories by the author, Jonathan Fisher. He will regale you with tales of blood-curdling terror that will chill you to bone marrow. He will take you to the utmost reaches of the future, and then suddenly, without warning, thrust you back in time to fantasy realm. Witness blazing amazing classic science fiction action.

The first volume of short stories include Ten Minutes to Mars.

“An eclectic collection of thoughtful and imaginative stories. Jonathan’s writing is thoroughly researched and he creates a rich experience for the reader. The cover looks amazing, very professional and has a great science fiction traditional feel.”

— Pat Mills, creator of 2000 AD, the galaxy’s greatest comic.

Jonathan Fisher is a true survivor. He is the author of August Always, his memoir. The book has been cited by The Belfast Telegraph as “a triumph.” The book itself took the author 17 years to write, a testament to Jonathan’s endurance. In April 1992, age 22, he died—albeit briefly—from an undiagnosed Addisonian Crisis. Before then, Jonathan had a full childhood and subsequent teenage troubles. Thanks to his parents’ intervention, he was rushed to the local hospital wherein Jonathan was comatose for three months. All these details are recorded in his self-published, heart-wrenching memoir; the book itself sold out completely in the space of 6 months, leaving a Kindle version now available.

The doctors said it would be a mercy to turn off Jonathan’s life support machines. Against all odds, Fisher moved his little finger to his mother’s voice, proof of a semblance of life.

Later that year, Jonathan began the long, slow, hard road to recovery; a journey that would take him through many institutions and heartaches; spending time in the forge and on the anvil, a refining process that reshaped the author both mentally and physically.

Jonathan Fisher, the author, remains a wheel-chair user, fiercely independent, and he does not let his physical disability stop him from achieving his goals. He is a keen costume player and a member of the Emerald Garrison and Heroes Unite Ireland, professional costuming clubs who dress up as Super Heroes and Star Wars characters to support worthy causes.

Now he has crafted another masterpiece: eighteen short stories, from Fisher’s dark imagination. With frightening tales of thrilling science-fiction, adventure, horror, fantasy, rich in satire and gallows humour.

Enter, if you will, to the spellbinding world of Halloween Town in Jonathan Fisher’s latest book, Ten Minutes On Mars.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Heather McGarrigle

    Well - wow! Ten Minutes On Mars is a collection of 18 short stories that, prefaced as it is with a raft of rave reviews, including one from 2000 AD creator Ray Mills (!!!) promises a lot, but honestly delivers even more. Most of the stories orbit around the mysterious, skin-crawling dystopia that is Hallowe'en Town. It's described as "a place beyond the borders of the imagination" an apt introduction to the world(s) created by the boundless imagination and razor-sharp observational integrity of the author, Jonathan Fisher.

    Characters are realised with pinpoint clarity, and exchanges recounted in intimate and sometimes unsettling lucidity. The variety contained within this book is something to note also - some of the short tales are barely a page long, for example, the melancholic folk-horror of The Ghost; others such as the 54-page 'Belinda Auberon Vampyre Huntress' are practically little novellas. From the apocalyptic space epic of 'Jason Zephyr and The Ascexansionauts' to the lighthearted fantasy glimpsed in The Hairdressers, Jonathan weaves fantasy, horror, sci-fi and adventure throughout these 18 tales.

    If you are a particular fan of any or all of those genres, you will devour this book in no time and find yourself wanting more. I just know that there are comic book, sci-fi and literary nods, nudges and Easter eggs in this book that may have passed over my head but will add a rich layer of enjoyment to anyone who shares the author's passion for these.

    Highlights for me include the heartbreaking 'The People Who Live In The Cracks In The Pavement', a sombre reflection on modern society, as we meet "A small group of invisible men and women... the pavement wraiths who haunted the streets of Halloween Town...", as well as The Joker's Inn, a cleverly crafted fantasy thriller taking place in the ultimate horror emporium - Halloween Town's best joke and fancy dress shop. I also enjoyed, of course, the eponymous tale Ten Minutes On Mars.

    I'm not a reader of sci-fi, and I haven't read a lot of fantasy, but I enjoyed this book in its entirety and was engaged and gripped by each story. So, even if you don't consider yourself a connoisseur of any of the afore-mentioned brackets of fiction - you will definitely still find something in this book to enjoy.

    It is well worth a read from cover to cover, or you can do as I did and dip in every evening to enjoy one or two tales before returning to Earth from Halloween Town or the outer reaches of the galaxy. I have both the hardback and the paperback version in my collection.

    Highly recommended. I can't wait to read what comes next from Lisburn's very own Superman, Jonathan Fisher!

  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    Ten Minutes on Mars by Jonathan Fisher is a small collection of eighteen short stories. Some, or rather, most of these stories are a bit on the twisted side so the reader is warned. On a deeper level, this book appears to explore the darker side of humanity and how we are monsters to each other and to animals.

    Keeping with more of a horror theme this book starts off with a ghost in a graveyard although the ghost doesn't make another appearance until the end of the book. Readers are then taken on a hunting trip through the eyes of the prey. A truly scary experience. During the course of this book, the people who live in the cracks in the pavement or as it seemed to be the down and out or homeless are brought to light as well. Basically, these are the people that the majority of society pretends don’t exist.

    This journey takes readers to the far reaches of space abroad The Ascension. It is on The Ascension where tattoos can be used to control people and others are able to shapeshift. In our technologically advanced society, many wonder about what will happen when AI becomes so advanced that it sees itself as human or tries to take over. That is what happens in another one of the stories to a worker on another planet. Finally, readers see the lengths that a mother will go to in order to avenge a close friend and protect her own child. So sit back and relax as you are taken on a creepy trip deep into the monstrous world that we call humanity, in a town where monsters are normal.

    What I liked best was that many of the stories overlapped with one another in some way. While they all take place in the same town the connections go deeper than just that. This book could almost read as each story is just a chapter instead of a stand-alone story.

    The target readers for this book are adults and young adults. Specifically, those who like fantasy and horror should enjoy this book the most.

  • Paul "nemesis" Mattingley

    I loved the book.i couldn't put it down. I became immersed as soon as I started reading. Each story sticks with you for different reasons. I strongly recommend this book. The author himself is very genuine. I met him at a comic con once.

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