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The Acquisition-bookcover

By: John Westley

The Acquisition

Pages: 202 Ratings: 5.0
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Pathological narcissist Harvey Davison, Managing Director of Melbourne-based ASX-listed facilities management company Action Services; and his ruthless agenda-driven chairman of the board, Kim Rigby-Mortimer, are on an expansionary drive and have competitor Responsive Maintenance Services owned and operated by hardworking couple Roger and Kristine Small in their sights as a prime acquisition target.

When initial negotiations come to nothing, a devious plan is hatched to pressure the Smalls into returning to the negotiating table.

A lowly paid maintenance worker is coerced into attempting to create a wave of adverse publicity that will cripple the Smalls’ business and force its sale.

It is left to Murray Johnston, Chief Operating Officer and loyal Action Services employee, to come to the rescue and clean up the mess, exposing the underbelly of unconscionable boardroom behaviour and the push for growth at all costs at the expense of a tired, overburdened and often bewildered workforce.

John Westley has 20 years’ experience as a professional writer and senior manager across a wide range of industry sectors in Australia, including private, education and not-for-profit companies. Prior to this, he spent seven years in Linköping, Sweden, working as an English teacher.

John and his Swedish wife, Susanne, have four children and live in Mt Eliza on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, 50km south of Melbourne, Australia.

He has a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development and a Diploma in Freelance Journalism.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Bob Thompson

    This is a very funny and enjoyable read. I couldn't put it down. As a first-time writer John Westley is on a winner with this account of the business in Melbourne!

  • Peta Cunliffe

    Deliciously entertaining and skilfully written. A laugh-out-loud satire, chock-full of spot-on-the-money insights into the frightening absurdity of the modern-day corporate workplace in Australia.
    - A little gem of a book!

  • Kim King

    Really loved this book – it is exceptionally well written and insightful. It highlights the ridiculous disparity between those struggling to make ends meet and the greed and self-righteousness of the rich and powerful. Loved the characters – we’ve all had the misfortune of having to deal with the Harvey’s of this world! Can’t wait to read more from this author.

  • Warren Pryer

    Tying that plot together was remarkable. And there was no redundant information either which, considering how funny it was, was exceptional. Comedy writers often take stories in directions they don't need to go just to get a few extra laughs but the author stayed on track the whole way for continual LOLs.
    Also, the pitch was perfect. It respected the sense of the audience that bureaucracy, selfishness and greed are rife in corporate Australia and didn't telegraph the gags.
    And it wasn't black and white; plenty of nuanced characters which all added to the realism of the story. A realism which made me fear these people may have been incarnations the author may have had to actually endure in life.

  • Darren Smith

    A fabulous tale of corporate bastadry set in Australias fastest growing city Melbourne.
    It's all here with a narrative full characters manouvouring and conniving in a narcissistic attempt to achieve their own agendas.
    Indeed whilst the author notes the work is one of fiction many who work in the corporate arena worldwide may well recognize the the characters in this work as those we have come across in the work place seeking their own rather than company beneficial outcomes with a ruthlessness of staggering proportions.
    An entertaining read by this newly published author.

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