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The Adventures of Pugalugs: The Beginning-bookcover

By: Jessica Parish

The Adventures of Pugalugs: The Beginning

Pages: 34 Ratings: 5.0
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Join Pugalugs as he takes his first steps, explores his home and, most importantly, discovers his favourite flavour of puppy food!

What will he see? What will he find? What will he chew?

Born in 1987, Jesica Parish is one of the UK's up-and-coming children's book authors. Her talents are greater than just writing, as she works closely with the illustrator of the books to ensure full control of the finished product.

Jessica has over 30 Pugalugs titles planned, some of which will be produced as rhyming books. Her ambition is to see the books adapted for television, with a children's cartoon series that will see Pugalugs on many different, exciting adventures.

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1 reviews
  • Night Reader Reviews

    The Adventures of Pugalugs: The Beginning by Jessica Parish and with artwork by Helen Poole was amazing. This is the first in what the author hopes to be a set of over thirty books about a little pug puppy. These books are even based on a pug’s real adventures. There are some “Coming Soon” titles on the inside of the book that I look forward to seeing because I have a lot of hope for this series.

    Pugalugs is a pug puppy born in early November along with his brother and sister. Like many puppies he was so small he could fit in his owner’s hand when he was born. Most of the time Pugalugs spent his time cuddled up in a little bed with his siblings, all nice and warm, even if they did occasionally kick each other in the head. Then one day Pugalugs opens his eyes for the first time and the fun really begins.

    He tries so many new things while exploring the seemingly huge house he lives in. While little puppies do sleep a lot he also tires puppy food for the first time and attempts to eat a slipper. He also slides across the kitchen floor and attempts to climb the staircase with his brother’s help while his sister watches them. Then like all puppies (and children) do he imagines all the fun things he will be able to do outside when it is warm out and he is a little older and bigger.

    What I like best is that the entire design is great for children. It contains a medium about of text on each page, but it is broken up into smaller sections. The bright, bold colors mixed with the simple artwork show children exactly what the story is trying to tell them about without unnecessary details. The only thing I can think of to complain about regarding this book was the fact that two of the three puppies are the same color. Since one of these is the main character it may have been a good idea to give him a distinguishing characteristic besides saying that he is bigger than the other.

    Toddlers who love animals, especially dogs will enjoy having this book read to them over and over again. It may also quickly become a favorite of the beginning reader. Adults will enjoy seeing their children’s reactions to the silly adventures of Pugalugs. With all that being said I rate this book a perfect 4 out of 4. Animals hold the attention of most children very well and this book takes full advantage of that. The story is so sweet while teaching children fun facts about puppies (such as being born with their eyes closed). It also may be interesting to note that both of my daughters, who I normally can’t get to sit through the shortest book, sat with me until I finished reading the entire thing and then my oldest asked me to read it again. That alone is the best review I can give any book. Altogether this book is wonderful.

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