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By: Dee Jones

The Aspie Book

Pages: 510 Ratings: 5.0
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My clients over the years have repeatedly asked for an easy-to-read book, saying, We want to take home what’s in your head.So this is an everyday-language explanation of all things Aspie, written for Aspies and non-Aspies. Aspies repeatedly ask me to explain how non-Aspies think and work, and neurotypicals are often confused by Aspies. Many interesting case studies and illustrations (it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words) are included to aid these social understandings and interactions. Each chapter is self-contained, so that a reader can quickly get answers and tools in an overall synopsis contained in one section. The last chapter is a show-case collection of individual personal stories and expressions. The Aspie Book is written in non-academic language as much as possible, but also tries to demystify the academic language often used on this topic.

Dee Jones is a counsellor for nearly 30 years, and is also a specialist consultant, researcher and speaker around any ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder or “Aspie”], or also known as ASC [Autism Spectrum Condition], work. She has worked with thousands of people over these years, and has never stopped her research into the area. She is also a mother and now a grandmother, a poetess, additionally, she once wrote a musical too. She loves reading, swimming, walking, socialising with friends, going to the theatre, writing stories and having time with her family. A Kiwi, she has jumped the ditch, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Customer Reviews
8 reviews
8 reviews
  • Ruth Bartley

    This book is an informative, inspiring read - the humanity expressed in its pages is remarkable - valuable for any person involved with anyone on the Autism spectrum scale - a book well fitting in ANY home, in ANY Library, in ANY office !!
    A MARVELOUS compassionate, informative read !! LOVE the drawings !!

  • Professor Tony Attwood

    I wrote the foreword for Dee's The Aspie book, and there will be a copy of the book in my clinic room to recommend to my clients and their families. I recommend the book to my colleagues in all professional disciplines with autistic clients. They will particularly enjoy the cartoons, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Maxine Aston Msc

    This book has to be one of the most thorough, comprehensive, and well-researched books I have been privileged to read on High functioning Autism. Jones not just covers all aspects of what it means to be on the Autism Spectrum for both men and women but also includes how this affects the NT partners and their children. I especially welcome the much-needed Female ASD questionnaire compiled by Dee Jones and Dr. Yvette Ahmad. This questionnaire targets areas far more suited to women on the Spectrum than the commonly used questionnaires which have been developed primarily for men. I shall without doubt be recommending this readable, unique book to anyone affected by Autism and to all professionals who work in this area. Thank you, Dee, your very unique Aspie Book exceeds all expectations.
    Maxine Aston MSc. Author of The Autistic Couples Workbook, The Other Half of Autism, and others

  • Debra Katsoolis

    I have dipped into every chapter and found reflections of my life, my questions, my instincts, and my mistakes. In my family and marriage, I was left to my own devices without any informed, knowledgeable, or experienced support. I am now hungrily reading 'The Aspie Book', by Dee Jones, cover to cover. you will learn more about yourself on these pages.

  • Steve Macmillan

    I had the pleasure of editing The Aspie Book.
    Humility, compassion, and grace abound in this work.
    This is a superb resource that can help so many people worldwide … in any culture, within any country.
    Dee Jones provides such clarity and rationale around the importance of clear, simple two-way communication and the need for understanding the respective rationale and thought processes of individuals to help Aspies and Neurotypicals sync better.
    And all of this is based on decades of care for people, constant research, and considered thought. These traits have resulted in a manuscript that can be aptly described as a tool to break down barriers, heal, help, support, and connect people from various walks of life - while at all times not judging but reminding the reader that we are all worthy and in need of each other … always.
    May this work boost and assist people for decades to come while breaking down barriers and removing stigmas because we are all human? We are just us – individuals/people finding our way in life and each on our own journey.
    So, let’s all follow Dee’s lead and look out for each other because respect and understanding engender trust and assuredness … bringing out the best in people.
    The relaxed professionalism in creating and conveying the conversations within The Aspie Book should not be underestimated because what Dee has shared is something truly special in bringing Aspies and Neurotypicals closer together in understanding, empathy, and clarity of conversation.
    The Aspie Book is a chance to embrace, learn, love, and support our collective differences and quirks of personality while encouraging us to lose the often-unnecessary need to unfairly and unwittingly judge each other – simply because we are different and don’t realize how and why of that.
    This is a resource that should be in every early childhood center, school, clinic, library, and tertiary learning institution the world over because it has the power to change lives and relationships, to make lives and relationships and heal both.
    Enjoy, learn, and share widely as you just never know who The Aspie Book will touch and help.

  • Arletta van den Bosch, counselling autistic youth

    Thanks, Dee, for being able to have a look behind the scenes at the work you do!
    The book is a great resource for anyone living, working, and/or supporting those with autism. The way it is written gives as much weight to living with and without autism and tackles the ‘double empathy problem’, where it often seems to be all about the autistic person needing to learn, adapt and change behaviors.
    The book explains in easy terms what life can be like with autism for different age groups and gender. This will help many people to understand better their children, siblings, partners, parents, and co-workers (and your odd neighbor). One can just read the part valid for their own situation, without going through the whole book. A great resource for mental health providers, to learn and pass on.

  • Marja Smith

    This is an amazing read. At first I was like, "I don't have time to read anything else" as being a teacher there is always something to read! But I couldn't put Dee's book down ... even choosing it over novels to escape with, it was such a compelling, inviting read. It helped me explain myself and the people I have met and know over the years and enables a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of those of us living with Aspie delights and challenges. It made me want to have more Aspies in my life as it celebrated people living with this part of themselves, instead of making it sound like it was a deficit to have such traits. It really was like sitting down with you Dee and having one of our enlightening, non-judgemental, laugh-through-the-tears chats. A must-read, by-the-bed/coffee table Aspie bible for anyone who is, loves, or works with wonderful Aspies :)

  • Ann van Engelen

    What an absolutely wonderful book to be introduced to. Dee Jones has an amazing way of explaining to Aspies and Neurotypicals the differences and uniqueness between, and, each other.
    I have found The Aspie Book to be a very easy read, with its multitude of topics, explanations, examples, and solutions.
    I would often find myself laughing at the fact that I could see myself in a few scenarios and that, in itself, has helped me to understand myself and other people in my life.
    It is a gift to be able to pick The Aspie Book up and flick to any page, and find gems of wisdom and knowledge written in a very easy-read way.
    Well done Dee, this book really should be in every household, library, school, and workplace globally.

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