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The Bee Hive -bookcover

By: Simon Adepetun

The Bee Hive

Pages: 179 Ratings: 5.0
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Eleven-year-old Daniel Jeremiah Chambers has parents, Philip and Susan, who love work and shopping and who just don't listen. Daniel is an only child ... no, he's lying ... he has a sister, Alice, who has a dolly fixation; Dan is sure she is an alien.So, Dan has a few problems, none insurmountable, until his friend, Benji, introduces him to the find of the century - a derelict bee hive which could become a den. Of course, such a simple thing is never so simple and when Dan finds a map well, all kinds of things just go horribly wrong. For example - Alice noses her nosey way in and two strange men suddenly turn up wanting what's theirs - and then there's the bank, too.The Bee hive by Simon Adepetun is a tight little sharp-witted bumble through a short period in Dan's young life. 'What's a bumble?' - 'Shut up, Alice!'

Simon Adepetun was born in Whalley Range; Manchester in 1970 and has lived in Warrington, Cheshire since 1999. He has a 2:1 B.A (Hons) in English Studies and a Postgraduate certificate in Theatre Studies from the University of Manchester. Simon is married with three children, works as a Full time Sales Manager and enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Customer Reviews
4 reviews
4 reviews
  • Ann Chilcott

    This book’s title may pique the curiosity of beekeepers but it will disappoint them if they are hoping to read about bees for it has nothing to do with bees or beekeeping. It will however delight young readers seeking adventure.
    The author writes with great sensitivity and understanding of young folk around the teenage years. It is an exciting modern adventure in an era when most parents have to work extra hard to juggle their busy multi-role lives and sometimes cannot spend much time with their children. However, there is a real feeling of warm happy family life in this story. The children are encouraged to be outdoors, and to find things to do other than play with electronic gadgets. Consequently, the children are resourceful and have a lot more fun.
    Characters are introduced via a biographical fact sheet in a novel and interesting way which is also fun to read. School life is described and inspirational teachers feature which is refreshing.
    There is a bit of “big brother and irritating little sister” scenario to start with but, over the course of the story, things change. Loyalties are put to the test when the children encounter “baddies” in the shed they call the bee hive and use as a den. In the end, brother and sister, Dan and Alice become close and good friends.
    There is a real feel-good factor in this story which is wonderfully illustrated by Toni. I will be buying this book for my young friends.

  • edward kingsly

    Very good witty book, I read it with my two daughters and they loved it laughing their heads off as they went to bed they said to me that they want him to do a series and the book I thought was very adventurous with the words the author used I am very pleased to say that if he brings out another book we will be sure to read and I saw his book in the London fair him and his daughter reading the book it was brilliant I hope to see more great things coming out of the author simon adepetun and more creative drawings from his daughter I wish them the best as this book will soon be a big hit I have told all my friends and family and they are spreading the news of this amazing book, I can not wait for what is in store for this writer and I will keep in tune......

  • Katie

    Fantastic review!

  • Williamswata


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