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The Blood Princess-bookcover

By: G. E. Webb

The Blood Princess

Pages: 346 Ratings: 4.9
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The Blood Huntress, legendary hunter of men. It is said she can smell the blood of her enemies and has never failed to bring those to justice whom she hunts. Few know where she came from, but one man does for he is the one who trained her.Danyard, Lord Protector of The Kingdom of Light, legendary warrior who once turned an entire battle and forced an army to flee.The Kingdom of Light, a shining example of wealth and prosperity envied throughout the known world.And there are nations who look upon this world with envious eyes, and one man who has a plan to take it with a weapon the likes of which no medieval land has ever seen, a weapon that will change the face of warfare forever.

G. E. Webb lives in a small Hampshire town with his partner of nineteen years. He has had various jobs including soldier, bouncer, printer and warehouse manager. At present, he is serving in the railways.

He also lives with the world’s angriest tortoise, the world’s most evil cat, and the world’s laziest bulldog. This is his first novel and he started it before he had even heard of Game of Thrones, all the while battling a serious chocolate hobnob addiction. The Blood Princess is the first novel in what will be The Blood Trilogy.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • thoughts_ofabookworm

    I really enjoyed the originality brought in this story and I loved that it had the feeling of being both modern and medieval. Amyeen and Morlen were two of my favorite characters, the friendship between them is amazing. I would have loved to see more from Victarny’s point of view and have more given about their back stories but I am definitely looking forward for what unfolds in the second book of the trilogy!

  • Janet Davis

    What a great first book, in fact what a brilliant book full stop. I always think I love the idea of the historic style fantasy genre, but can rarely get into it. This book I couldn't get out of my head when I had to grudgingly put it down.
    It kicks off at quite a pace and then shoots off in so many different directions with fabulous, often intriguing, definitely well crafted characters. The complexity of the plot was enthralling. If Game of Thrones is your thing this book should be on your bookshelf or in your kindle library.
    I did not know I was interested in how all the different medieval weaponry worked, their origin, how they were used etc. etc. but I was fascinated. The writer was either teleported from medieval times or he really really does his research well.
    The buildup to battle felt like an ever increasing drum role, a heavy sense of anticipation that grew and grew. This reminded me of Lord of the Rings. I loved how the different characters paths were being defined by the war.
    I was enthralled that by the end of the book, in what should have been the light of day, the cessation of fighting, there were even more characters, plots and intrigue emerging.

  • Geoff

    An excellant debut novel from a new writer who knows his subject matter when it comes to medieval warfare and weapons.
    The battles are brutal, violent and well contructed. The characters are fuly formed and believeable.
    A good story set to a good pace.

  • Dude

    Absolutely amazing novel! You can see the influence of the greats like Gemmel but with his own twist..... Where's the next one??

  • Hilary

    What a great first book, detailed characters you can visualise,gripping battles you can imagine being in. Weapons detailed so you imagine the injuries caused with use. In fact the injuries are detailed so much,graphic which i love. Looking forward to part 2!

  • Boot Neck

    Enjoyed this book so much I read it twice!!! If you like David Gemmell and Game of Thrones then you are gonna love this. The plot has many twists and turns that literally keep you on the edge of your seat, not to mention the graphic and nail biting battle scenes. What a fantastic debut, cant wait for the sequel.

  • Mrs SJ

    Really enjoyable debut novel. Good plot, interesting and entertaining characters and some wicked dark humour. What’s not to like. Will be keeping a keen eye out for the next one in this trilogy.

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