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The Dark Cloud That Outshines My Sun-bookcover

By: Sam Sivell

The Dark Cloud That Outshines My Sun

Pages: 60 Ratings: 5.0
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Everyone has dark times, an event in their life that triggers an emotion that requires healing. People deal with things in many ways, some drink, some take drugs, some portray anger and inflict pain on others and sometimes themselves. For me, it’s a pen and paper and quiet time to reflect on my feelings, releasing them in the form of poetry. This is a collection of my work, inspired by my journey and challenges throughout my life.

An insight into the innermost, deepest part of me!

Sam Sivell currently lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and two children but is originally from Romford, Essex. She enjoys walking in the countryside and although she works full-time, she loves being at home with her family. Writing poetry has been a passion throughout her life which has helped her deal with some life-changing situations.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Julia Cave

    A beautiful collection is written from hard experience and from the heart. Very moving - and I am sure it will resonate with many who have suffered (and continue to suffer) with mental health issues. It will reassure readers that if they are struggling then they are not alone. This is a brave work and most definitely poetry for our time.

  • Bev Ellis

    An extremely thought-provoking book. Have had to read it and re-read it many times. A great aide for people suffering through these strange times. So nice that the poetry moves on through despair to hope for the future.
    Hopefully will be advertised widely in order to reach those who will take comfort from the words. The poems together with the illustrations add up to a powerful little book.

  • Bev

    A great book that I needed to read and re-read. Should be widely publicised in order to help people struggling in these difficult times. The combination of poetry and illustrations create a powerful little book.
    I have already left a review but as yet, unseen.

  • Ann

    Amazing book that sums up life struggles in an easy to read clever and entertaining way.A delight to read and will definitely re-read.
    Gives your spirit a lift in a light hearted read that is about issues that are very far away from being light hearted.
    Very meaningful and honest and an easy read.
    A most talented lady to draw from life’s struggles and produce such clever poetry.

  • Colin Ellis

    I've known Sam for many years or at least I thought that I had. As is often the case, we only see the person that they present as, whilst being completely unaware of how that person really feels deep down. The poems written in this book clearly come from a very deep emotional place. Anybody who has experienced poor mental health or had to go through something that was traumatic in life for them will easily be able to relate to the feelings and emotions that are so accurately described in this book of poems. I hope that for anyone who takes the time to read it, that the sun starts to break through those dark clouds for you..

  • James Dunn

    Beautifully constructed poems, the thought process and the real life feeling is obvious here. An emotive collection, I hope to see more from Sam soon.

  • Angie

    People talk about depression & mental health, but unless you suffer from it yourself you never really no how a person is feeling & how it effects them, especially as people are able to put on another face & you would have no idea about what a struggle it has been just for them to get out of bed. Reading these poems have been a real eye opener for me, these are fantastic poems & certainly given me a better understanding of how somebody is feeling deep down. A brilliant little read which I have read over many times & would highly recommend.

  • Sue

    A truly frank account of a person struggling to cope with her feelings in a very down to earth manner. Many of those who suffer from depression, portray that bright and bubbly front whilst an inner turmoil is brewing underneath that many find hard to believe. This book should help those who suffer from depression to know that they are not alone and for those who don't, and insight into how low a person may be feeling whilst being the life and soul of the party.

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