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By: Kyle Jackson

The Dark Prince

Pages: 300 Ratings: 4.0
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Prince Lexxendae Tal`Dier’s life is a monotonous pattern of learning and training, he’s a prince of the dark elven city of Tserindyn and has not known much else.


Unbeknown to the world, Lexx’s mother is a banished demi-goddess and before long, the prince will pray for the predictable rhythm of his upbringing.


A darkness stirs in Tserindyn and within the heart of Lexx. Soon the prince will find himself on the outside, looking in as the queen makes her move for power.


In his time of need, will Lexx be willing to lose himself and unleash the demon inside, or can he trust in the friendship of the races on Nath’atarya to face the growing evil?

Kyle has a young daughter named Eve, he is from North West England, he is a software developer by day and avid fantasy enthusiast by night. The author left Staffordshire University with a master’s degree in Computer Games Design and what started out as a game idea, evolved into a high fantasy spanning thousands of years, numerous islands and many diverse characters.


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1 reviews
  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    The Dark Prince by Kyle Jackson contains elves, both dark, and light (but not the kind that helps Santa), can be found as main characters in this story. There are also dwarves, Gods, dragons, and fae. Demons from the lower planes even make large appearances at various times.

    The first book in The Dark Prince series introduces readers to Prince Lexxendae Tal’ Dier, a half-dark elf and half demi-god. His mother is Xeron, a demi-goddess exiled to the mortal plane by the other gods due to her being cruel to humans. She ends up marrying the King of the dark elves and gives him three sons. Price Lexxendae is the eldest of the three princes but he wars with his other evil personality. With the help of Segromor, a necromancer, and a friend of his father, Lexxendae learns how to create a mental barrier to hold back his evil side.

    Xeron frames Lexxendae for the murder of his father in an attempt to get Lexxendae out of her way in her quest for more power. Segromor saves Lexxendae and sets him on a great quest for a legendary weapon that can kill a god. While Lexxendae is on his journey and making some surprising new friends his brothers are reluctantly teaming up to fight a new evil that threatens the entire island. Xeron is slowly losing her mind and questioning her choices in turning away or destroying everyone who cared about her and tried to get close to her. Meanwhile, on the realm of the gods they are watching all this unfold on their human children and some are starting to talk of rebelling.

    What I liked best was that while I thought the story would drop Lex’s mother in favor of Lex himself I was surprised to find it just branched off instead. Lex’s mother played an important role in the entire story. Also seeing what the Gods were thinking about regarding the events playing out on Earth was interesting. Even though the Gods sent Lex’s mother to Earth they still regularly watched her instead of just leaving the humans to our fate. Lex’s journey keeps its pace nicely.

    The target readers for this book are teens and young adults who enjoy fantasy. Even though the story is about a Prince it is not a mushy love story in any way and it will interest most anyone. There is one minor sex scene that readers should be aware of. Overall I give this book a rating of 3 out of 4. This book contains all the elements of most fantasy stories. The plotline is strong while multiple branches are being told at the same time.

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