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By: Derek Flint

The Decision Paradigm

Pages: 196 Ratings: 5.0
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Decisions, decisions, decisions… Throughout history, people have had to step up to the plate, and make tough decisions. Sometimes they have had time to plan, but often they have had to act spontaneously, knowing that the choices they make there and then are quite likely to be sifted over for months and years after should the outcome be ‘wrong’. In today’s litigious, ‘trial by media’ society, it is little wonder that people are less willing to put themselves in the firing line. But what if there was a better way? The Decision Paradigm gives an insight into that world. Using a step-by-step approach, the ‘Problem Oriented Decision System’ (PODS) leads to better problem analysis and provides a clear, evidence-based approach which enables the user to explain how they came to make the choice they did, and not just why? The Decision Paradigm is an essential handbook for anyone in the public or private sector who needs to take their organisation forward with accountable decision making.

Derek Flint enjoyed a long career as a senior police officer, working in a diverse range of specialisms from Armed Policing to Public Relations. He went on to work on entrepreneurial projects in the private sector and today practices as an executive coach and training specialist. He is a Lecturer in Policing at the University of Central Lancashire’s School of Justice, working on the degree programmes for student officers. He is married to Jacqui, has two grown up children and lives in Lancashire where he indulges in his passion for sports cars, carbon fibre bicycles and the beauty of the countryside.

Customer Reviews
9 reviews
9 reviews
  • Jen Sharpling - Sergeant, Metropolitan Police

    I’m often skeptical about these types of books, they tend to be a bit samey and are rarely relatable to me as a police officer but I really enjoyed this. It is on point and written in a way that you can understand, without losing any legitimacy. Clearly written by someone in the know but with a real interest and passion in helping others. I have actually gone back to a few parts to re read them as it’s really made some things very clear to me.

  • Ravina Talbot - Educator

    The decision paradigm is one of those books that you read and nod. Having worked in the public sector I can see evidence of poor decision making. Derek tackles this by offering us the PODS tool which enhances decision making. We make decisions daily and some very important ones in life and work so this book will add to your knowledge library and positive outcomes . I recommend this and look forward to the sequel

  • Rob Kinrade - CEO, EXPOL

    When I picked up on the release of this book I was intrigued and keen to read. Derek and myself served in the police service together for a number of years and I know him well. He is well placed to write a book analysing decision making - an accomplished police trainer, Senior Investigating Officer in road policing cases and now a University lecturer. Who better? This is a good read and is relevant to those who lead or are involved in investigations of all levels, to those who may be required to give advice to others or contribute to any decision making procedures . Derek sets out the need for clarity in documenting and recording decisions and highlights the pitfalls of potential litigation in failing to do so. He uses his experience and knowledge base to good effect and he can speak with authority on this subject. In many ways, it has quite an autobiographical feel to it, as it is not just a learning manual. Derek introduces a new approach to decision analysis - ‘Problem Orientated Decision System’ - which encourages the decision maker to consider the problem in detail at the outset, document what was known and when, identify the direction and then record all of these stages accurately. This book will interest those who wish to supplement their skills and their desire to maintain their discretion and integrity. Accountability now, and often years down the line, is crucial as is the accuracy of record keeping. My copy is now marked up with notes to remind me to discuss them with Derek when I next see him! Good value and a very good read

  • John Marriott - Academic

    Derek’s book is an excellent contribution about decision-making within the complex situations faced by the police, emergency service partners and the military. I would strongly recommend this book to those about to embark in a career in policing and equally for those working within policing as Derek provides valuable insight and guidance on the decision-making process.

  • Steve Bradshaw, Retired Police Officer, Force incident Manager.

    This book is a must buy for anyone joining the Police or wants to understand the complex layering of decision making. Very thought provoking. Great read.

  • Chris Pearson, RAF Officer Reservist, Managing Director

    It's now five years since I graduated from RAF Cranwell as a Reservist officer and this book provided a timely and useful reminder of, and an expansion on, some of the principles they taught us to use. A timely reminder to re-evaluate both company and individual Mission Statements, Visions, Values and Ethics. The book offers an easy-to-follow guide to strategy planning (taking time to identify exactly what strategy is and isn't) and risk assessment. The PODS model explanation was new to me but makes great sense and has multiple uses in business life as Derek explains. Allied with models I already use (SMEAC and IIMARCH), he offers a Swiss-knife toolkit of options to help with decision making. A useful book which is well written and provides a great guide if you're new to the idea and a very useful reminder and development tool if you're familiar with some of the concepts.

  • Langley Sharp – Author, “The Habit of Excellence"

    A valuable contribution on what it takes to make decisions amid complexity and under pressure. Lessons from the frontline of policing, drawn from hard won experience yet applicable for all leaders. The value for me was the practical application of Derek’s thinking.

  • Richard McNee- Chief Commercial Officer

    Fortunately our business doesn’t have many life threatening situations, but we do have to make well thought through decisions as directors of companies, equally important is the process of documenting the decision process. There are many parts of the book that served as a good refresher in the decision making process, but equally there were many models and ideas that were new to me. I recommend the book to anyone who seeks to gain a step by step understanding of not just why they made a decision but also how they arrived at the decision.

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