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By: Azza El Wakeel

The Distance

Pages: 60 Ratings: 5.0
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At the age of eleven, Azza El Wakeel wrote in her diary that she wished to become a poetess because poets are capable of expressing their deep feelings and thoughts in a wonderful style. Several years later she discovered that her simple lines could be considered poems – that the texts in her diaries are poetry! All at once, she became a poetess and writer.
Through writing she discovers herself and understands her feelings; she enjoys forming new sentences, playing with words, drawing images and composing inner music between the lines.
Sharing her words makes her happy and she’s pleased to leave a mark of beauty on the earth, because she believes that poetry is the most beautiful thing in the world!

Azza El Wakeel is an Egyptian author, born and living in Alexandria, Egypt. She graduated from the Business and Administration Department, Faculty of Commerce. Writing is technically her hobby, though it is much more than that.
Azza wrote a weekly column in an Arab family magazine from 1992 till 1996. She has published two poetry books in Arabic: Untraditional Woman (1999) and  First Seasons of Love (2000).
Having translated some of her poems into English, Azza has been able to reach an English-speaking audience via her website

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Laila Gomaa

    Finally your beautiful poems written in English are now available in a book; I'm so excited to obtain my copy. Wish you great success!.

  • Nada

    A lovely poem I really like it so much.

  • Alicia G Gilliam

    I befriended Ms. El Wakeel because she hails from an ancients old Global City.
    Alexandria, Egypt & a Poet.
    I wanted to hear the voices of those hearts thousands of years before her.
    She did not disappoint!
    Ms. El Wakeel is as passionate for everything any woman around the globe is.
    Love. Integrity. Guarding our hearts against pain.
    She is a Woman who speaks poetically.
    I am very pleased at her New Work. Her poems have spoken to my grieving, hurt heart. I'm healing now. Thank you, my Collective Woman of Color, A Global Creative, A Poetess.
    Alicia G Gilliam

  • Fernandez Family Books

    This is an amazing collection of poetry by a truly talented writer. If you are a poetry lover, getting a copy is a no brainier. Stop reading this and order it now. If you just dabble in poetry (like I do), this is the kind I like to read: short, but punchy. The kind of poetry that sticks in your head all day. The kind of poetry that makes you relate to someone on the other side of the world, and share the emotions, if not the experience. We need more empathy in the world, and really digesting someone else's experiences in this moving of a way, is one way to get there. My highest recommendation!

  • A.G

    An Echoing Voice Resonating Beauty!
    Ms El Wakeels' heritage is older than the ancients. I knew I would feel that voice in her poems.
    She is a Woman that experiences the same issues any Woman on this Globe does. She brings a voice to GenX in 'PhD In Love', I enjoyed it tremendously!
    With an echo of humanities Ancients, she speaks of loving the Fire of a Woman's Soul in 'A Gypsy In A State of Love.'
    Ms El Wakeel is a 'Womans~Woman' Author. She is a voice for Women's Encouragement. This body of work, from a Global Women's Voice, is a rarity. Endure yourself in it. I'm on my 3rd time reading it.
    Congratulations, Lady Azza!

  • Aly Mostafa

    The Distance by Azza El Wakeel is beauty in simplicity, a variety of amazing thoughts written in an elegant smooth style by a talented author. Looking forward to reading more of her poems.

  • Dr Elsayed Samir

    It is a wonderful and interesting book that I highly recommend you to read

  • Khan Eagle

    I met Azza on twitter. She is not only a wonderful poet, but also a true friend of arts. When I read her poems, I found myself on a journey from ancient Egypt to the present. The plain language and rich metaphors she uses add a different flavor to her poems. In addition, her original sayings, inventions open a different window for poets and poetry lovers. For example:

    You, man, are so pure
    You couldn't be born
    From a human being
    But by a river

    This book definitely deserves 5 stars. I highly recommend it to all literature and poetry lovers.

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