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The Fairy Corp-bookcover

By: Ryan Woodward

The Fairy Corp

Pages: 230 Ratings: 5.0
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Join the hapless William as he discovers the magical world all around him. Meet fantastic creatures from myth as William blunders through multiple adventures. William is soon joined by his elf partner Jess and his furry protector, Nina, who has a deep love of shoes. Together they encounter light vampires, sprites and all manner of creatures good and bad. Things aren’t always rosy for William however as a mysterious evil figure quickly takes an interest in him. William will not only learn about the magical kingdom, he will also learn about himself.

Ryan Woodward grew up in England and moved to Ireland when he was 21 years old. Ryan has worked in IT as a field engineer for most of his life but has always had a deep passion for reading, especially fantasy and science fiction.

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1 reviews
  • Ewelina P.

    *A Whimsical Journey into Laughter and Magic* Prepare for an enchanting ride through the whimsical pages of "The Fairy Corp" by Ryan Woodward. This delightful tale is a perfect blend of humour, magic, and self-discovery, making it a fantastic read for young adults and anyone young at heart. The story follows the endearing William as he stumbles into the magical realms hidden from ordinary eyes. Woodward's imaginative prowess shines as he introduces us to a myriad of fantastical creatures, each with a clever twist that will leave you chuckling with joy. The author's unique take on familiar mythological beings adds a refreshing layer to the narrative, making "The Fairy Corp" stand out among its peers. One of the book's greatest strengths lies in Woodward's exceptional sense of humour. The narrative is imbued with a delightful goofiness that will have readers grinning from ear to ear. The witty dialogue, coupled with the characters' endearing quirks, creates a lighthearted atmosphere that makes the book immensely enjoyable. The author's ability to infuse every page with a sense of fun is truly commendable. The magical creatures populating the story are a testament to Woodward's originality. From light vampires with a penchant for daylight to murmaids (not to be mistaken with mermaids) who do nothing but murmur, the author's creative genius knows no bounds. The Amazonian warriors, despite their fierce appearance, add another layer of hilarity with their surprising incompetence in battle. These imaginative touches keep the story fresh and engaging, ensuring that readers are in for a constant stream of surprises. As the protagonist, William, navigates through a series of misadventures, he is joined by the charming elf partner Jess and the furry protector Nina, whose love for shoes adds a touch of whimsy to the tale. The camaraderie between the characters is heartwarming, and their interactions contribute to the overall warmth of the narrative. While the story is filled with laughter and levity, there is an underlying thread of mystery and danger. A shadowy figure with malevolent intent takes an interest in William, adding an element of suspense that keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages. Woodward skilfully weaves together the magical kingdoms and William's journey of self-discovery, creating a narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. In conclusion, "The Fairy Corp" is a gem of a book that captivates with its humour, originality, and heartwarming characters. Ryan Woodward's ability to turn mythical stereotypes on their heads and infuse the story with laughter makes this novel a must-read for those seeking a delightful escape into a world where magic and mirth go hand in hand.

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