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The Fallen Star-bookcover

By: Jamie Johnson

The Fallen Star

Pages: 324 Ratings: 4.5
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Fallen angels long ago made war upon their brethren, Lucifer and his folk were cast from Heaven for their rebellion, and sealed in the realm which some call Hell by the magic of Michael. Since then, Lucifer has been doing his best to escape and free the world from, as he sees it, a tyrannical overlord and liberate humanity to freedom. Amidst this cosmic battle, one Archdemon, by the name of Gruggor, head of the greatest wizarding academy, is devilishly plotting how to take control of the Kingdom of Mados. Then again, the King of Mados, Bartibus the Barmy, is making life very difficult for many of the continent’s inhabitants. He is destroying forest homes and cutting down trees. Despite all this conflict, love does endure, and humour and romance still live strong in the world. Heroism is as important as ever. Rupert, the Prince of Mados, is determined to prove himself. If it were not for dragons then this, at least, might have gone smoothly. Amidst all this chaos is Gallat, a farm boy, but as he takes up his destiny a new age dawns. And shall it be an age of the fallen or the people of the great creator? Or is there something far darker behind everything?

Jamie has always been fascinated by science and has spent a few years studying physics at the university of Sheffield. He has loved listening to fantasy stories and in particular learning about various mythologies, such as the Norse legends. Since a teenager he became a massive fan of the Silmarillion and the world of middle earth, with its elvish languages and folklore. Nature is also something he really enjoys, and whilst at Sheffield, he spent time exploring the peak district. Walking outdoors whilst thinking about philosophy, physics or fantasy is a favourite past time of his. He also plays quidditch as part of the Sheffield Quidditch team.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Martin Lawford

    Jamie Johnson writes with such freedom a book that operates on so many levels. On the surface, it's a fantasy novel, but it also contains deeply thought-out philosophy, a dash of theology, scientific knowledge, environmental concerns, identity issues, and lots of references to food! It also swings from irreverent comedy to serious existential thoughts. He takes you on a journey that leads to a brilliant last-minute twist.

  • Robert Benfield

    I loved Jamie Johnson's Fallen Star. It engaged me from the start and made me want to know what happens next.
    I loved the anarchy and the energy of it; the examining of our beliefs and of our morals. Who and what we are. The Transformations!
    I laughed and I cried at the mental anguish. And I still want to know what happens next.......

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