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The First Shadows of Morning-bookcover

By: Timothy Noble

The First Shadows of Morning

Pages: 210 Ratings: 4.5
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A young British businessman is sent to Ukraine to help formulate a strategy for a company near Kyiv which is owned by the London-based group he works for. He encounters corruption and gangs, and the effects of the civil war in the east between government forces and Russian-backed militants, as well as falling in love.

There is an explosion in the factory. He has to work out who has caused it and why, at the same time trying to save the business.

This leads to narrow escapes from death and to fear at a level he has never felt before. His experiences greatly expand the repertoire of his emotions and change the direction of his life.

“In an unusual and interesting setting, Timothy Noble has penned a thoroughly satisfying and exciting read.”

— Alexander McCall Smith

Timothy Noble had an international upbringing, which included schooling in Helsinki. He studied at Oxford University and then did a postgraduate degree in France before spending many years working in industry and finance. He now focuses on writing full time. He has published a family history, Noble Blood. This is his first novel, with more in the pipeline. He is also publishing an anthology of his poems, A Singer Without a Song.

He lives in Edinburgh with his wife. His three children have now grown up and flown the nest.

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Jake Scott

    I loved the author’s use of English. It made it so easy to read and the short chapters made it almost compulsive to keep on turning the pages. The author obviously knows the country and has a good knowledge of business as well as an active imagination. A thoroughly enjoyable read and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Jonathan Pasfield

    Plenty of intrigue and local colour.

  • Robert Sellar

    Within the backdrop of the vibrant capital city of Kyiv (Kiev), a young Scottish businessman Alex feels his uncertain way. At first it is with the rather forward beauties that he meets in bars, restaurants and parties. Slowly you begin to realise that he must be quite good looking because the girls can't wait to get him into bed but then rather to his surprise often demand money for their evening services. But soon he is seduced by the beautiful Irina, who is very good news but unfortunately the daughter of Koralin the owner of a rival company to Alex's own foods business. But this rivalry is soon forgotten when war is declared on the Koralin family by the terrible Ormulov's -the shady mafia of Kiev. The drama and deaths escalate at a pace that makes Midsomer Murders look tame stuff. Will Alex our hero make it through?........ You must read it
    It is a novel that is not only great fun but one that is deeply felt. The hero like the author is a businessman. It is unusual for novelists to be able to portray the business world with such insight. You learn the crucial importance of the businessman being trusted and respected not only by their employees but also their rivals. Perhaps this moral code counts for even more in a country such as Ukraine where corruption is endemic.

  • Magnus Spence

    Well this was a rollicking read, and clearly Tim has thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, and it shows - the story moves along at great pace in with an array of characters and plotlines. Good to see a novel weaving business in to the story so seamlessly as well.

  • R A Chamberlain

    A fine debut by this Scottish author. Tightly plotted, with goodies, baddies and I-wonder-whiches reflecting the complexities of real life in Ukraine; and twists of the plot both predictable and wholly not. Meticulously researched with interesting insights into the sad political divisions and colourful folkways of a country which will be new to many readers.

  • Aoife Malcolm

    I am just finishing reading ‘The First Shadows of Morning’ by Timothy Nobel.

    I thought this book was absolutely amazing. From the plot to the characters, I read through the book so smoothly.

    I liked how at the beginning of this book a lot of questions were thought of by the main character. Questions that I hoped were answered throughout. Did Timothy Nobel succeed? Absolutely. Some if not all the questions were answered and I love how the author gave us an idea of what was to come.

    Having the book start with ‘the explosion’ and then going onto ‘before the explosion’ is also very good because it leads people to be more interested in how it happened and what is coming to happen next.

    I think this book is an easy read, but still for developed readers. What I mean by easy read is that you don’t have to read over a certain part more than once to understand what is going on. I like this because it keeps you moving forward with the book.

    I definitely think that this book is a must read and I think the author should be very proud of his work. I will most likely read this book again in the coming future and I will make sure to tell my family and friends.

    Good job and I wish Timothy Noble the very best of luck with this amazing book.

  • Paul

    A great paced story full of corruption and intrigue based set around the Ukraine.

    The short chapters keep you interested and pushes everything on. It didn't take long to finish at all.

    The author has done a great job in fleshing out characters especially Alex.

    The authors knowledge of Ukraine and business helps the story out as well so nothing seems misplaced and too over the top.

    Would highly recommend.

  • Laura Hawryluck

    This is a story of Intrigue, corruption within business world of Ukraine. It’s a fast- paced story of a young man given a leadership role who earns his stripes growing a company while navigating the network of competing protection gangsters, never sacrificing his values, nor abandoning his employees. But it is more than this- it is the story of the choices made, the price paid by so many caught in between. It is ultimately a story of survival and hope for a different, better future.

    The brief history of Ukraine in the Appendix is very informative and adds even further context to the story. I would encourage all readers not to bypass reading it.

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