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The Forgotten Gun-bookcover

By: John Reid

The Forgotten Gun

Pages: 210 Ratings: 4.4
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A Metropolitan Police detective about to be dismissed is given a second chance by his old boss, who is now a police commander. He’s given a new unit to run and two misfit detectives to assist him. All three know their status is temporary.

Their first case together is an impossible double murder. Each murder is identical. Both victims are expertly shot in the head from long range, but the post-mortems reveal no bullets were used in the shootings. The CSI teams calculate that in both cases there was no place for the marksman to have fired from, unless suspended over busy roads.

Although it’s a case apparently impossible to solve, DCI Steve Burt reluctantly agrees to investigate with his new team. Their enquiries lead them into the murky world of greed, corruption, fraud and money laundering, but they are no nearer solving the murders.

The team is stumped until the DCI meets a retired army major and a WW2 veteran who unwittingly hold the keys to solving these impossible murders.

The author was born in Scotland and after serving in the army embarked on a career in industry and commerce.

He has worked in several different sectors of business mostly in senior roles and latterly as CEO of a large international data capture company.

He retired for the first time in 1995 but continued to work as a consultant helping new businesses become established.

In 2018, he finally retired from business life to become a full-time author.

John lives in the UK and Portugal with his wife and they have two
grown-up sons.

Customer Reviews
12 reviews
12 reviews
  • @dearreaderofbooks

    What I liked about this mystery is that the murder case is an intriguing one that actually seems impossible to solve. No weapon, no bullets, no motive, no suspect, no killing sites. Although I think this is maybe repeated a bit too often for my taste, it is what makes the case intriguing. And when clues slowly started to appear I was flabbergasted, and amazed by the imagination of the writer!

    What I want to mention is that the book constantly repeated how big one of the detectives was. It came back often and in a disrespectful way, fat-shaming the detective. This is also the reason I didn’t give the book more stars.

    The mystery itself was very interesting to try to uncover and I couldn’t put the book away in the last 60 pages! The plot was well-executed and fascinating. I became more and more engaged throughout the book when more and more clues were revealed.

  • BookAdict

    Have you ever thought about what might make the perfect murder weapon? One that leaves little evidence of itself and will show no fingerprints? I have (which is a deeper look into my mind that you ever wanted) and it's like this author took my idea, made it high tech, and wrote it into a novel. So within the first few pages of this story, I was hooked.

    DCI Steve Burt has managed to torch his career with Scotland Yard via a very public confrontation with a higher up. Expecting to attend his final meeting and be fired after a three-month leave, somehow he's given a second chance. Sort of. He'll be heading up a new Special Resolutions unit. Except it's really a way for the department to restructure six months down the road and do away with redundancy. Steve and two other officers with black marks on their record are that redundancy, yet they'll leave with a clean service record and their pension in six months.

    Steve, Cap, and Twiggy are instructed to sign in each day, keep their noses clean and not make any waves. When his commander brings DCI Burt an impossible case to solve, the mandate is the same, with the additional instruction to go through the motions but not ruffle any feathers. Having no murder investigation experience between them, this rag-tag band of throwaways begins piecing together clues, which leads them into a complicated web that holds more questions than answers.

    This novel is about as far from my typical fiction reading as possible while still being on the same planet, and yet I loved every minute of it! Told through an impartial, even stoic, voice it managed to intrigue me from the start, and I couldn’t wait to discover how this discarded group of misfits would work together to solve a seemingly unsolvable murder. Compelling, engaging, and riveting, this phenomenal, well-paced story will carry you effortlessly through to its shocking, satisfying conclusion. Fans of mystery, thrillers and crime fiction will quickly devour this fantastic, spellbinding read.

  • Vidhika Yadav

    In his new book, ""The Forgotten Gun,"" John Reid delivers a gripping investigative crime thriller to the reader.
    Detective Steve Burt is about to accept his new civil life after being fired from the Metropolitan Police Department without a pension for indiscipline when his old boss, Police Commander Malcolm, unexpectedly offers him a second chance to reinstate his pension and join a new unit with two other detectives for a six-month period.The story picks up speed when the unit is assigned a murder mystery to solve, with the only evidence at the crime scene being a dead body, and postmortems and medical reports failing to reveal the truth.The three cops are now tasked with not only locating the assailant, but also determining how the assailant killed without using a bullet, gun, or weapon.
    The events that followed brought the story to a shocking climax, making the book unpredictable with each subsequent chapter and having the ability to boggle the reader's mind with questions and an urge to find all answers at the end.

    I strongly advise all crime-mystery-thriller fans to read this book because of its clever writing, plot twists and assertive characters.

  • Dävydde

    This is my first time reading a crime/detective book and I am so glad to have read this. It was such a page turner and I really liked "Twiggy". The plot twist on the end was so unexpected and shocking, I was jumping from excitement! I adored the writing and the characters were awesome but I wanted to see more of Captain and the personal life of Steve Burt and I hope it shows on the next book! I really loved this book and I recommend it to anyone who loves crime or mystery books and if the genre is not your cup of tea, you can try reading this one as your first crime or mystery read. This book comes out on 8.31.21!!

  • Emma Hardy

    There are so many things I enjoyed about this read.
    Firstly I like that ""the killer"" is the terminology used in those particular chapters. It reveals nothing about them making it packed with suspense.
    I also love the dream team with their nicknames (although had to cringe at poor Twiggy love her) a superb bunch of misfits that work superbly together and shock everyone, even themselves.
    This is an intricate plot, some clues I picked up on, but nowhere close to working out the ending. Wonderfully unexpected.

  • Nony

    The Forgotten Gun penned by the author John Reid is a crime thriller. Three months ago, Steve Burt was suspended by the Metropolitan Police Force. Because of his indiscipline he won't be getting any pension. But his old boss Commander Malcom managed to get another six months temporary job for Steve. After six months, Steve will leave with pension intact, a wedge of redundancy cash and glowing testimonials.

    Steve will be the head of the new fake units called Special Resolutions. Also, as the head of Special Resolutions, Steve will automatically be promoted so he will get a better pension, more redundancy money with higher salary for next six months. Steve agreed to Malcolm's offer. He has two staff members also posted to him. Story became more intriguing when they have to solve a case of double murder. I was amazed by the killing machine that the killer has used and how accurate his planning was.

    This is an unputdownable gripping thriller. The story kept me on the edge the whole time I was reading it. Cover photo of the book is nice and the title is suitable. Characters are very interesting and written well by the author. Pace of the story is fast and I enjoyed every bit of it. If you love reading crime thrillers, don't miss to grab this one.

  • Amy

    DCI Steve Burt is ending his 3 month suspension, and is expecting to be relieved of his duty. He is thrown for a loop when his former boss assigns hi to a fake department, Special Resolutions. He is also overseeing 2 other people, Detectives Rough and Ishmul, who are also on their way out of the department. DCI Burt is told they will be handed impossible cases that can not be solved. They are to keep their heads down for 6 mtonhs and they will leave with their pensions. When these 3 misfits are handed a murder case, having never handles a murder case, they are pulled into an investigation of may discoveries. It leads to that same old question, how well do you really know someone?

    This appears to be a new crime thriller series with DCI Steve Burt. Steve Burt is a likable guy and I really liked Detective Rough. I love a good crime thriller and I look forward to more of DCI Steve Burt and his crew.

  • Bobs and Books

    There are so many things I enjoyed about this read.
    Firstly I like that ""the killer"" is the terminology used in those particular chapters. It reveals nothing about them making it packed with suspense.
    I also love the dream team with their nicknames (although had to cringe at poor Twiggy's love her) a superb bunch of misfits that work superbly together and shock everyone, even themselves.
    This is an intricate plot, some clues I picked up on, but nowhere close to working out the ending. Wonderfully unexpected.

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