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The Gate in the Fence-bookcover

By: Bob Menzies

The Gate in the Fence

Pages: 186 Ratings: 4.4
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The book is about two neighbours who live in houses separated by a fence with a gate in it. It was there before either of them moved in. The gate provides easy access between the two properties. One of the neighbours is an ex-war vet who lives alone and is struggling with life and relationships after his combat experiences. The other property houses a family: a bank manager and his wife. The husband, Michael moves in first to take up his new role at the bank, while his wife stays on to sell the old house. In his new role he inherits a PA who sees her new boss as a bit of challenge, in more ways than one. Katie, Michael’s wife finally settles in to life at the new home, until one morning there is an unexpected knock at the front door. Who is it, and what do they want? What happens next will change all of their lives forever. The twists and turns in the storyline will have you wanting to know what happens next. Love, deception, deceit, planning, scheming, strength, courage, murder, revenge – the story has it all. Where will it all end and where will they all end up? Or will it end at all?

Bob has always fancied himself as a bit of a storyteller, an entertainer and a lover of a good party. A song, a joke, an embellished truth but always a good dose of humour. An innovator and a thinker outside the square, prepared to go where others may fear to tread.

Family (whanau) have always been most important for Bob and he has a very wide, extended family. Immediate family include a grown-up boy and girl, five grandsons, a great granddaughter and a great grandson on the way.

He has always been a dreamer, sometimes to his detriment, but when knocked down, he has never failed to get up. During the twelve years it took to write this book, much changed in his life. An aggressive B cell lymphoma cancer threatened to take him, before the book was even a short story. Then a business collapse took all of the immediate family assets. Depression attacked and took over. Family stuck by him.

He didn’t write through all of this time. There were long periods of nothing. Spurts of creativity and writing and lots of periods of doubt, about whether it was good enough or whether anyone would want to read it.

Writing this book and making up this story, because that is all it is, a story, has definitely helped Bob come through his challenges. But the love and support of family is the greatest love anyone can have. Bob dedicates this book to his family, and those he loves. If it sells, it sells, if it doesn’t, it wasn’t good enough but it has already served its purpose.

Kia Kaha (Stay strong), love and help one another.

Bob looks forward to meeting you.

Customer Reviews
14 reviews
14 reviews
  • Sarah

    This comes with a warning for good reason! Read it in 3 days.


    “The Gate in the Fence” penned by the author Bob Menzies is the debut book of the author.

    The story is about the two neighbours who live in houses separated by a fence with a gate in it. The gate provides easy access between the two properties. One of the neighbours is an ex-war vet David. The other neighbours are a married couple. Husband Michael is a Branch Manager at a bank and his wife is Katie. One morning when Katie was talking to her friend De De on the phone, she heard a knock on the door. When she opened the door, it was David. He entered Katie’s house and abused her. Katie couldn’t free herself as David is a powerful man. He took her into his caravan where she lay naked on a double bed. Read this story yourself to unveil what happens next.

    The twists and turns in the story made it very interesting. This book kept me on the edge of my seat as I read it. The story is so gripping, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. The title of the story is according to the contents of the book and is therefore suitable. The cover photo is well designed. I appreciate the amazing storytelling skills of the author. The plot is interesting.

    Those who love reading thrillers or suspense novels shouldn’t miss getting their hands on this amazing book.

  • Bob Gordon

    Great read. Could not put it down

  • Stu Graham

    The gate in the fence may have been originally built with good intentions, but not in this story.
    The main character, Katie Mason, starts off as an innocent, quiet librarian housewife and is forced to call on all her instincts to survive the onslaught.
    An easy read story with lots of “banged” up frustration and underlying desire exerted keeps you bound to the end, although it may not be the end.
    Well done Bob

  • Jude

    The Gate in the Fence was throughly engrossing.
    Different from anything I have read before which was part of the appeal.
    The characters while not necessarily likeable were compelling and refreshing and the storyline unpredictable.
    I would definitely recommend.

  • Chris Larking

    A good read,and it gets straight into the story, make sure u take your heart pills if u are over65 ha ha. took me 3hrs to read and a good finish

  • Peter Collins

    A good story line with a twist at the end - a bit raunchy, not for the faint hearted

  • Magoo

    Well done Bob, a good fast read. I’m glad you got this off your chest, a pretty impressive, racy, short story.
    I can’t help thinking of David as a younger version of Mike Ehrmantraut from Better Call Saul.

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