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The Istanbul Ring-bookcover

By: J.T. Fernie

The Istanbul Ring

Pages: 226 Ratings: 5.0
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In a gripping tale spanning seven decades and three continents, the story of a strange ring unfolds and with it the story of the people whose lives will be irrevocably changed by owning it. The mystery begins with the unsolved murder of historian Dr Charles Gibson at his home in Edinburgh. Meanwhile, two thousand miles away in Rome, a passionate love affair ends in ignominious dismissal for former British diplomat Angharad Wilson when her lover is exposed as a field operative for the Iranian Intelligence Services.

Exonerated from a potential charge of treason but not reinstated Angharad is unemployed. Caught in the lining of a coat she buys from a charity shop she finds an ugly but clearly valuable gold ring. Her search for the owner will take her from Edinburgh’s New Town to Istanbul. It will set her on the trail of former Waffen SS Officer Hans Peter von Seidel, wanted for major war crimes, but forced out of hiding in a desperate attempt to retrieve the ring; and to her final, terrifying encounter with him.

J.T. Fernie is the pen name of Moira Macfarlane, British

Consul in Florence for eight years and briefly Acting Director

of the British Institute of Florence. Her early love of telling

stories led her first into teaching, then as an HMI with the

former Scottish Office Education Department. Her love of

travel and literature enlivened the stories she told to children

and friends, allowing free rein to her imagination—a freedom

denied in writing educational reports for publication.

Moira returned to Scotland when she retired and, encouraged

by her children and happily distracted by her grandchildren,

began writing fiction. The Istanbul Ring is her first novel.


Customer Reviews
10 reviews
10 reviews
  • Anon

    A great story which kept my attention all the way through. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  • Helen

    Fantastic, edge of your seat thriller. Couldn’t put it down.

  • Mr P

    I really enjoyed this debut novel from J.T. Fernie. Great character development through the first half leads the reader through increasing suspense to a thrilling finale.

  • Canon John

    Moira Macfarlane (J.T. Fernie) has burst onto the literary scene with a superb novel that spans decades, with references and descriptions that evoke one’s own memories, together with a fascinating story line that is both intriguing and entertaining.

  • Gesa Walker

    A gripping story, beautifully told with a wealth of authentic background information. I hope there will be a sequel soon.

  • Andy

    Intrigue filled with unexpected twists and turns, a wonderful journey between the many streets of cities in the world. Great writing, engaging in its dark backdrop of nazi crimes and nasty characters. Arbuthnot stood out as a ‘not to be messed with’ chap. Thrilling reading and looking forward to the follow-up.

  • Brendan Geary

    A great story and a satisfying read, spread across decades with a sweep that takes in Germany at the end of WWII, Istanbul, Rome, and Argentina. The themes of love, betrayal, loss, personal redemption, and the goodness of others weave their way through the narrative. J.T. Fernie is a gifted storyteller and there are wonderful vignettes and incidents which shed light on human stories of the various characters with their share of tragedies and unexpected twists and turns in life. J.T. Fernie’s wry humour also adds lighter moments to the narrative. Anya Wilson, disgraced former diplomat, and John Arbuthnot, conscientious DCI, are attractive characters who draw our interest and sympathy. The detective story at the heart of the novel, with its international scope, will engage readers who enjoy a good story.

  • Richard Jacques

    I could not put this book down and finished it in two days, which is a record for me. I loved the effortless moving between people, plots, and periods, which conjured up the atmosphere of every location brilliantly. I was literally on the edge of my seat during the story’s final showdown! More than anything else I was left longing for the next volume from J.T. Fernie’s pen.

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