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The Kingdom of Puli - Origins-bookcover

By: Karen David

The Kingdom of Puli - Origins

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The sequel to The Kingdom of Puli, this gripping story begins as: Warlock Rufus and the Evil Prince Spartus, having broken free from Wizard Merlin’s spell, have captured the old Wizard and are torturing him in the dark Dungeons of Togo.They want him to tell them where ‘The Book of Origins’ is hidden? This book holds the secrets to the Kingdom of Puli.This sequel has all the magic and intrigue of the first novel as the lovable characters are sent on a quest back in time to Ancient China. On this dangerous journey, they destroy the fire-breathing dragon which guards the path to the Shoaling Temple, where the mystic Monk Bodhidarma lives. They need him to give them the missing pages of the Book of Origins, as it holds the sacred spell that can save the Kingdom from destruction.They discover the secrets of their origins; Great King Leopold was the son of the Tash Kurgan Princess, and in order to save the Tash Dynasty, Bodhidharma changed the Royal Family into Puli dogs and created the Magical Kingdom of Puli, hidden in the clouds.Wendy and Tommy’s father General Horatio joins them in the magical Kingdom of Puli. He accompanies General Hercules in a blood-thirsty battle to destroy the Togo Army, and take control of the Swamplands.There are many twists and turns but the moral of the story remains: good always conquers evil, as Warlock Rufus is destroyed once and for all!As the Puli Saga comes to a dramatic conclusion, the reader will find out why the Kingdom of Puli was created! And what will happen to Earth in the future?Open the book and be transported away to the magical Kingdom of Puli…

The British husband and wife team, calling themselves Karen David, believe strongly that people are far too busy in their manic modern lives to find time to sit down with their family and enjoy a traditional fantasy story. Their aim is to give readers around the world an excuse to do just that. They have spent the past six years composing this heart-warming tale.

Their beloved late Jimmy, a Hungarian Puli, is the entire reason the writing project was conceived. The couple described him as a ‘maverick' and ‘daily proof that good things in the world always triumph over the bad every time'.

Children wanted to know why Jimmy looked like a woolly sheep. They began creating stories about him and found that children enjoyed listening to them, which was when the Kingdom of Puli was born.

Karen is a 52-year-old housewife, with a dream of writing a story that a family can all enjoy together. She has suffered with a crippling form of Lupus for six years, an illness to which there is no known cure, but has treatments available. Being able to put her heart and soul into the book allowed her to forget about her Lupus when it hurt the most, as well as the tragic passing of their dog and dear close friend.

She co-wrote the book with her husband David, and both of them feel as though writing the book has brought them closer together as a couple.


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