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By: Gordon Elliot

The Knight's Trial

Pages: 356 Ratings: 5.0
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In the province of Triport, there is an old challenge that ensures only the best of the best can join the king's service as an honourable knight. Many attempt the Knight's Trial, but few succeed - often out-witted by the difficult puzzle that is presented to young hopefuls. Luckily, Marrius is no ordinary young hopeful and his determination, honour and intelligence are his greatest tools in his quest to defend the royal family and the kingdom from sorcery, beasts, bandits and armies for the rest of his years. As Marrius awaits his judgement, Francesca is in Port Laden, attempting a trial of her own. One of several girls owned by the innkeepers, Francesca has been forced into the world's oldest profession. When she falls pregnant, she attempts what no other has dared before to save herself and her unborn child - escape. Little do Francesca and Marrius know, their destinies are entwined - before long, their actions will have a deep impact on one of the most important wars Triport Province has ever faced.  
Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • J Martin

    The Knight's Trial by Gordon Elliot is a down to earth fantasy adventure. I found it refreshing that it was not set in a lavish world.
    He did not distract my reading by including, to me at lest, unnecessary back stories or history for the land or characters.
    An interesting twist was the storybook that was told within the novel.
    Each character served a purpose and as the story progressed their paths converged to complete an interesting plot.
    I found it to be a page turner, wanting to discover what happens next to the characters.
    I hope there is a sequel to this as the ending does lead the reader to expect one.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend this to fantasy addicts.

  • Liz Ward

    I can't begin to describe how I feel about this book. I absolutely loved it. I has no idea when I started it where I would end up. But the plot and ideas were like nothing I've read before. I want to congratulate the author for keeping me on the edge of my seat and not boring me with long descriptions which bring no enhancement to the story. Thank you Mr Eliot for filling my evenings with a series of extraordinary adventures within one book. I will be looking at the book shop shelves for your next treat.

  • B Pond

    This fantasy adventure book is full of twists and turns and full of extraordinary adventures coming together under one cover
    I found this book and excellent read from start to finish
    Highly recommended

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