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The Lighter Side-bookcover

By: Susanna Elliott-Newth

The Lighter Side

Pages: 228 Ratings: 5.0
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In our lives we encounter many difficult or tricky situations that can make us upset or angry. Susanna prefers to see The Lighter Side of life when this happens. This seems to happen too often, as her readers will see, but as she professes – every experience, good or bad, is fodder for a story!

This collection of stories shares many amusing, as well as poignant responses to life’s little challenges. Many of the stories share Susanna’s husband’s journey along his terminal illness pathway—cancer is a beast! It attacks suddenly, without warning and without manners. It is unrelenting, unmerciful and does not care for feelings. It demands power and wins in the end. Despite Susanna’s incredible efforts to extend her husband’s life, the ‘beast’ became the victor. The Lighter Side shows that all experiences are opportunities to make the most of life’s Pandora's box. It can either be a treasure trove of goodies, as Pandora had expected, or it can
 be a box of moths!

Susanna’s sagas are her Pandora's box – her chocolate box of mixed delights that she shares with her friends. Her readers all tell her how they respond to each different story, and she is always fascinated by their different responses—we all respond differently to life’s encounters.

Susanna Elliott-Newth lives in Sydney, Australia and enjoys the pursuits of writing and teaching. As a specialist teacher of children with reading difficulty, Susanna understands the importance of ‘opening the reading door’ for her students. She writes her sagas to entertain her friends, as well as immerse her readers into the glorious warmth of reading for fun.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Jennifer L

    Susanna’s real life experiences are written in a most engaging way, ways that I can often relate to. Susanna tackles some of life’s harder situations and helps the reader to see the positive side. There is often a comedic element in her writing, which is extremely entertaining and I find myself laughing out loud. I am taught through Susanna’s writing to see everything happens for a reason, and many lessons can be learnt from everyday situations. As an avid people watcher myself, I love her take on human behaviour and interactions. ‘The Lighter Side’ is a fantastic, engaging and entertaining read.

  • Rosa

    These vignettes are thoroughly enjoyable. Written in a wry, mostly humorous tone, the author is an acute and practiced observer of daily life. For the most part, the sagas have made me smile, but others are more poignant. A great story (my favourite) involves a belligerent bikie receiving his just desserts. The Lighter Side is highly recommended.

  • Kylie Waterhouse

    We would like to take the time to say Susanna’s book The Lighter Side is one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read.

    Susanna opens the minds of the reader and her stories are true and some are quite sad she captivates her audience and she is not afraid to say it how it is which is truly refreshing I cannot wait for Susanna’s next book.

  • Calista

    The Lighter Side is a lovely tribute to Susanna’s husband. Her stories share this special time together in ways that show humour rather than sadness. I love that I can read one story a day, really savouring the uniqueness of their special events as if I were really there with them too. The beautiful sketches bring each story to life in perfect harmony, providing an easy to read format. This is a book to treasure!

  • Melissa Corby

    I loved reading about the camping trip. It brought back so many beautiful memories and clearly expresses that when my children are out of their usual routine then everything turns upside down. But they sure did have a lot of fun. I truly miss these days. Thank you Susanna for bringing back these wonderful memories.

  • Candice Wallman

    Beautifully written anecdotes, which are short enough to read at the end of a busy day. Each story tells of the complexities of life-written with a light tough. This could have been a sad story but it is not- it is a love story. A wonderful read and I look forward to Susanna's next book.

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