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The Little Red Airplane -bookcover

By: Heather May-Warren

The Little Red Airplane

Pages: 26 Ratings: 5.0
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On a picnic at the beach Elly finds a little toy airplane. It is sad and broken and needing a home, but not for long.

Soon the little plane is fixed up, painted, and named Red to match his shiny new paint. Red loves living with Elly and her family, and meeting the animals who live with them, but when Mother Hen's chick goes missing what can he do to help his new family?


A late bloomer in the literary world, Heather is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Social Work degree in a leading South Australian university. Married, Heather is a proud mother and step mum to five children and five granddaughters.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Alfred Johnson

    A wonderful read! Cant wait to read it to my young grandchildren. I know they will be fascinated by the way the little toy airplane relates to his human family as he experiences growing friendships with the animal friends in his new life. The drama involving the crisis of the missing chick, is compelling, with Red feeling unsettled about his own capabilities at being able to help; after all, he's just a little toy airplane. And so, with assistance from Gemma the goat, this is where the adventure really takes off!
    Red has a beguiling innocence and his courage, commendable. Young children will easily relate their own adventures through this little guy; fostering curiosity, inner strength and resilience.
    You just have to grab a copy of the Little Toy Airplane!!

  • Josephine Kate

    What a delightful, little book! I read this to my niece and nephew last night and they LOVED it. The little red airplane is such a sweet character, that kids are sure to relate to. The story is beautifully told, and the pictures that accompany it, are lovely and engaging. I would definitely recommend this book, as it’s story is a charming metaphor for scenarios that children are going to encounter as they grow up.

  • Laura Sarjeant

    I was kindly sent this book by Austin Macauley Publishers in return of an honest review.

    I read this book to my 2 year old daughter, she enjoyed pointing to the different animals and following the path of the little red plane on every page, however I feel this book would suit an older child better (age 5+).

    It's written very well and is beautifully illustrated. The story teaches children that just because a toy is broken it doesn't mean you have to throw it away.

    I initially thought that because the story was based on a farm a little red tractor would have been more appropriate but when you read the story you soon realise that Heather May-Warren made the right choice, a little red plane was the perfect choice.

    I would recommend that every child should be read this book, it will definitely be enjoyed by all.

  • Vicky and Tony H

    This is a delightful story, is very well written, and with excellent colourful illustrations.
    It would suit a toddler, being shown and enjoying the story through pictures, through to a child reading the story for themselves.
    It is a heart warming adventure of how a broken toy is rescued and he becomes a rescuer himself.
    We are very pleased to recommend the story of The Little Red Airplane and his friends.

  • Rachel Bustin

    There are many colourful illustrations throughout the book. Most of the pages contains text on one side and then a full-page of illustrations. The text is broken up with full on bright bold large words which makes the reading lots more fun.

    Heading onto the story. It's a delightful read. One of those happy make you feel good stories of The Little Red Plane helping out in times of need. He loves his new family after he was found at the beach by Ellie and wants to join in. The point of the story is that just because The Little Red Airplane was broken there was no need to throw him or any old toys away. They can be fixed as new again. Plus how he helped out Mother Hen and her chick gave Ellie inspiration for what she wants to do when she's older. Helping people on the flying doctors plane in the bush.

  • Jasmine Renee

    This book is so rich in colour, illustration and life lessons.
    I agree with other reviews that this book would be more suitable for 5-7 years, although the pictures alone would make it a wonderful bed time addition regardless.
    Perfect to catch the wondering eye of your little one's, the illustrations are bright bold and tell a story visually, with the little planes on each corner, and the path of Red across the page urging the user to follow.
    Regarding the books teachings, many books seem superficial, this is not one of those. Not only is there the obvious references to 'all that is old can be made new again', given today's 'on demand', vapid and disposable culture is something all of us could learn a thing or two from, I believe the deeper message of the book is one for all of us could benefit from hearing. We will all crash and burn in life at times, or things just don't go your way. With help from the right friends, Red was capable of things not even he knew.
    Themes of family and togetherness, seemingly lost in the age of digital media and devices, is a timely reminder to all of what is really important. Beautifully composed, this book deserves to be a household staple. I can't wait to see what's next from Heather May Warren.

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