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The Man Alone With the Lake-bookcover

By: R T Warner

The Man Alone With the Lake

Pages: 150 Ratings: 5.0
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The Man Alone with the Lake deftly explores the intriguing paradox of attaining one’s dreams. Often, we believe that achieving our goals, reaching our chosen destiny, and fulfilling our life’s purpose will paint our lives with an unmatched hue of perfection. We believe that everything will effortlessly align, providing a sense of profound contentment.

But what happens when you crest the summit of your ambitions, only to discover that the victory tastes just as mundane as any other day? What happens when the satisfaction you envisaged is strikingly absent? Does this suggest that the goal was never truly yours?

Our tale orbits around a 22-year-old football prodigy, who soars to remarkable heights in his nascent career. With each milestone he conquers, every facet of his life seems to fall into seamless harmony, echoing the vision he’d always dreamed of—everything, that is, except his mental well-being.

It is only upon reckoning with a life-altering incident that he reevaluates his triumphant journey. The revelation strikes like a bolt of lightning: his long-chased dream was never truly his. He yearns not for the life he has meticulously constructed but for a solace found far from the madding crowd, in the serene solitude of being utterly alone.

RT Warner is a first-time author. She is twenty-three years old and currently studying Medicine full time at the University of Birmingham, with only one year left to complete her degree. RT Warner has always enjoyed expressing her artistic side and has strived to maintain her creativity throughout her six years at medical school. Although writing this short novel proved challenging at times for various reasons, she found the overall message to be powerful and hopes that others find it compelling as well.

Customer Reviews
1 reviews
1 reviews
  • Melissa T

    A uniquely written and tragic short story that was difficult to put down.
    A truly insightful delve into the complex mind of someone with a mental health disease.

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