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The Misconceptions of Miss Harrod-bookcover

By: Robin Harrod

The Misconceptions of Miss Harrod

Pages: 256 Ratings: 4.9
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Beatrice Harrod is one of several daughters of the Harrods family and is living a very comfortable life at the end of the Victorian era.However, she is not yet married and is getting to an age where this is a little worrying.She has been stuck in the Devon countryside for some years and is now in rural Sussex with her family.Her head is turned by a dashing young man in uniform and all her troubles follow this.This true story takes her from London to Paris and Vienna and later to Calcutta.She leaves chaos in her wake and causes sadness and intrigue for her family.It results in her three sons being on opposing sides during the Second World War.

The author is a 74-year-old retired general medical practitioner, originally from Hull; but he has lived in Cheltenham for the last 49 years, working at a local surgery for 34 of them.


He has been researching the Harrod family history for a long time. His interest was partially prompted by the fact that his father was an orphan who grew up in difficult circumstances, and he knew nothing of his family until he began his research after his parents’ death over 30 years ago.


Having collected an enormous amount of information about the family, and the family grocery, Harrods, he decided he wanted to write down the story to share with others.


His first published book was a story of the early years of the Harrods store, entitled The Jewel of Knightsbridge. This covered the time when the Harrod family was in charge.


He has always wanted to publish the story of his paternal grandmother and here it is.


In the meantime, he is researching for a book about Harrods after the Harrod family.


When he is not sitting in front of a computer, he plays a lot of tennis, he is a dedicated follower of Gloucester Rugby and spends time with his wife in their second home in the south of France – sometimes in front of a computer. The trips to France involve a detailed examination of the local food and wine.

Customer Reviews
13 reviews
13 reviews
  • Peter

    A very interesting and exciting story, well written. Fancy finding out who your grandmother was and what she did.

  • Eric Harrod

    Although, as a family member, I was aware of many of the facts chronicled in this book, I was delighted to find numerous new revelations and possibilities revealed in its content.
    The amount of detail is truly astonishing and rewards careful study.
    The story proved quite emotional and is certainly a real page-turner.
    I would recommend it to anyone interested in non-fiction life stories.

  • Jo Bertinet

    A fascinating and compelling story - read it in one sitting. Loads of detail but none the worse for it.

  • Sam Booth

    This is a fascinating look behind the scenes of a family through several generations. It is extremely well researched and full of facts, providing not just a real insight into the constraints of society at the time but also thoughtful commentary on research methods for other keen genealogists. This is addition to a story bound to enthral the reader - all because of Miss Harrod’s misconceptions!

  • Vanessa Ascough

    This is the most fascinating story, incredibly well researched and so easily readable. At the end of each chapter, you are just longing to find out more!
    I have learnt so much more about my own family as well as the fact that Robin's amazing research has given me a greater understanding of how I can go ahead with my own research. Apart from the interesting life history, it is certainly worth reading for anyone who is into biography writing.

  • Richard Sloan MBE, PhD, FRCGP

    The author kindly sent me a pre-publication copy of this fascinating book. It should interest anyone who is embarking on researching their family history. It can also be regarded as a model for anyone who wants to collate and present the vast amount of information that is often discovered with family tree research.

    Robin Harrod’s first book “The Jewel of Knightsbridge” was published in 2017. It presents the story of the origins of the Harrods store in London and the role of the Harrod family I its management.

    This book focusses on his grandmother, Beatrice, and her story.

    The author has shown that a rigorously researched and evidenced family tree can be presented in different ways. The focus of the first book was on a building and this book is focused on a person. I am sure the author could write more books, articles etc. based on the information discovered during 30 years of meticulous work.

    There are two ways this book can be read and enjoyed. One is from cover to cover as the story unfolds. The other is reading on after diving into a chapter that catches one’s interest. The latter happened to me, being half German, when I discovered there were chapters about Beatrice’s family in Germany and Austria, including the times just before, during and after the second world war.

    I very pleased to highly recommend this book.

  • A must read.

    A must-read, just the beginning of a Saga. More to follow.
    Would make a terrific TV Series.
    I lived this story, IMA Harrod, I am a Harrod, Inge

  • Ricky

    A truly fascinating book packed with enormous detail from years of dedicated research.
    It provides a mass of established facts as well as some tantalising speculation when the facts are unavailable, at least for the present.
    It creates almost endless possibilities and acts as a delightful reference for the immediate family and other family researchers.
    A wonderful reference volume.

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