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The Panaceum -bookcover

By: A. J. Brown

The Panaceum

Pages: 172 Ratings: 5.0
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Heaven exists.

We all know that:

We’ve seen the pictures…

From the ashes of the Old World, The Panaceum rose like a beacon of hope – a would-be utopia, free of disease, made possible by the miraculous panacea vaccine.  A community built on common goals and values, where everyone is guaranteed 60 years of clean health before ascending to a man-made Heaven to live out their golden years.

But for Cressida Connors, this could not be further from the truth.            

A mystery illness close-to-home causes Cressida to question the very foundations of the world around her and everything she’s ever known. 

In a race to save her family and gain answers about her past, Cressida seeks out a group of banished Panaceans, who unveil a story of betrayal, deception, a bitter feud, and Cressida’s pivotal role in a radical redemption plot decades in the making.  

Operation Providence is upon us… whether Cressida is ready for it or not.

Adele and Jamie Brown are a writing team from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Having studied acting together at Bretton Hall, Adele pursued a career in education and is now a head teacher, whilst Jamie forged a path within the theatre industry, where he is an established actor and director. Having witnessed at close quarters the benefits of exploring real-world issues through story within their respective professions, the desire to do so through writing led to the fruition of their debut novel, The Panaceum.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Emma

    Having been lucky enough to be given an advance copy of ‘The Panaceum’, I wanted to share an honest review.

    “Heaven exists.
    We all know that:
    We’ve seen the pictures”

    In a dystopian world in the not-too-distant future, Cressida Connors is our unassuming heroine in this coming-of-age tale. We are introduced to Cressida as she is dealing with the grief of her beloved grandmother ascending to the mysterious ‘Heaven’. Quite quickly after her grandmother’s ascension, Cressida finds herself thrust into a world where everything she thought she knew is turned on its head and with the help of some unlikely allies; she finds herself in a desperate race against time to uncover the truth and save the people she loves.

    This book has everything a good book should – action, adventure, mystery, secrets and lies. Our protagonist is brave, spirited, resolute, defiant and dauntless yet she has a compassionate side and deep loyalty to those she loves.

    Despite not being in the target audience range for this book, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it will follow in the footsteps of books before it (such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games); where adult readership is just as strong as YA.

    This was a great thought-provoking read. The story is fast-paced and each chapter leaves you wanting more, with twists you won’t see coming! I cannot wait for the next instalment.

  • Jonathan

    Lively, vivid writing, a well paced story and a hero for the ages. Cressida is fearless, resilient and curious as she looks to understand the complexities of the adult world she is trapped in. The Panaceum presents a central moral quandary which will challenge and intrigue young readers, and it’s wrapped up in a thrilling adventure that takes places in a world with its own remarkable history, lore and culture. Definitely recommended for kids and family reading.

  • Corinne Kilvington

    A J Brown has taken our world, built on ideas and places we know but turned it into a future that feels real and possible and almost inevitable. The Citi-blocks with automated (and monitered) systems that home our hero (Cressida Conners) at first feel like a dream, but when things change for Cress, the whole set up becomes suffocating. The system only works as long as the system works, and in a world without illness, a fever is all it takes to break the system. Urged forward by her mothers illness and a parting message from her Grandmother at her assention (the journey to heaven taken by those whos 60years of good health has run out) Cress is thrown from her safe, controlled, monitored life into an adveture which will could bring down the whole setup! Yes its YA, it's great YA, and the characters and setting with hold the attention of readers of any age. The world Brown has created is detailed, interesting and captures the end result of our current world challenges, the characters are interesting and well rounded, and decidedly human. Its a pacey read, keeping pages turning as we follow Cress through revelation after revelation and i can't fault it... im just waiting for part 2!

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