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The Plagues' Protocol-bookcover

By: David Ian Groves

The Plagues' Protocol

Pages: 225 Ratings: 4.9
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In 2023, a series of extraordinary events, with unclear religious terrorist connotations, unfold at iconic USA locations. US President Caitlin Custer forms a team from the new Bureau of Anti-Terrorism (BAT) to identify and apprehend the instigators. As even more serious incidents hit across the USA, the resultant media frenzy centers on the predictions of an evangelical preacher that a series of biblical plagues will punish an increasingly Godless nation. This initiates panic as the population starts to believe that the plagues have descended.

The BAT team are baffled by the lack of forensic evidence and a clear motive for the ‘plagues’ and cannot identify the instigators. As they investigate, the action swings across the globe with assistance from an unexpected quarter. The key question remains: Will the perpetrators be identified and apprehended in time to thwart the threat to national security and to ensure continued support for Caitlin Custer’s presidency?

Born in Brighton, England, David was educated at Varndean Grammar School before migrating to Australia. He gained first-class BSc Honours and PhD degrees at the University of Tasmania before joining the University of Western Australia.
He was rapidly promoted to Professor and Director of a major research centre, winning numerous medals and awards for his research and research publications in Economic Geology, including papers in the prestigious journal Nature and Scientific American.
He was awarded an Honorary DSc from the University of
Western Australia and was elected as a Fellow of the
Australian Academy of Science.
As Emeritus Professor, he commenced writing novels with
his first published work being The Digital Apocalypse.
Naughty in Pink
is his first children’s novel.

Customer Reviews
25 reviews
25 reviews
  • Brendan Spencer

    Thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. Interesting how David managed to introduce two separate worlds and leave the link between them in suspense until the end of the book. The book was easy to read and I also learnt a few snippets of Geological information. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Richard Goldfarb

    As an economic geologist myself, I enjoyed the manner in which James Buchanan, the exploration geologist, analyses the imperfect and incomplete evidence from afar to solve a puzzle that confounds local authorities who think about the situation that confronts them in a more conventional way. I found this cerebral thriller absorbing, particularly as I was familiar with many of the iconic American localities depicted in the novel. I also enjoyed the advent of a female Democratic President who succeeded the “problem Republican President” elected after Obama--one can only hope.

  • Cheryl Johnston

    This action-packed thriller is a really good read. Set in the near future, it is full of intrigue and very well written. A chance meeting occurs on a Qantas flight. James, a consultant exploration geologist returning to work in Tanzania meets Matt, a member of a newly formed United States BAT (anti-terrorist) Team. Matt returns to the US and subsequently, several traumatic events occur in various cities and there is much discussion between the BAT Team and the President of the United States as to the reasons for these events and who may be responsible. Are the plagues and other realistic incidents a result of natural catastrophes or are they man-made? Is there a religious terrorist element tied to the events? As the BAT Team investigates and news of the incidents spread across the world James and Matt make contact and discuss possible motives. Is it some type of Fear Campaign? Is it a man-induced issue? Are they natural catastrophes that are threatening our planet, or is the motive Economic Gain? The characters are very real and the story keeps you guessing. There are surprises throughout.

  • Suzanne De Bethune

    I loved this book. It's a great story keeping you guessing right till the end. The two heroes were very likeable in their different ways, and the reader's interest was kept at a maximum through realistic descriptions of far-flung places and interesting facts about geology. I also liked the way there were stories within the story, but the author kept them linked with the deft pen. Would like to see this made into a TV series.

  • Boze Jia

    I find this a very fascinating book. This action-packed thriller can, without a doubt, have you sitting on the edge of your seat. The storyline is great and will keep you guessing till the very last word. Looking forward to a sequel if it’s going to be made.

  • Shengxun Sai

    I haven't read too many science fictions but this one is really beyond my imagination. Unlike traditional ones in which the world is saved by some superheroes, the end of this novel is kind of stunning with a lot of up and downs. Pretty good style of writing and delicate structure.

  • Qingfei Wang

    The author writes a gripping and fascinating tale of the counterterrorism of future. At the same time, the author's fluent writing style and rigorous thinking increase the authenticity of the story. Reading this book is a kind of intellectual communication and mental enjoyment.

  • Kunfeng Qiu

    Congrats Prof. David Groves! I bet this book will be another fantastic job you have done besides the Orogenic Gold Deposit you have proposed during your geological career. I actually occasionally found this book while I was searching any newly published paper from Prof. Groves, and after a quick reading this week, I would say that this is really a work! It is a book filled with very interesting and meaningful experience, and I would strongly recommend this to my friend.

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