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The Plato Prophecy-bookcover

By: Bruce Nicholls

The Plato Prophecy

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In an era fraught with uncertainty and mounting global challenges, The Plato Prophecy unveils a chilling portrait of a world teetering on the precipice. As China’s meteoric rise ushers in a wave of unabashed nationalism, bolstered by its burgeoning military might, and Russia, an audacious autocracy, brazenly invades Ukraine, trampling upon the sovereignty of this fledgling democracy, a haunting question looms: are we unwittingly sleepwalking into a catastrophic disaster?

Amidst this perilous landscape, the deafening absence of resolute Western leadership, those strong voices commanding respect and purpose, becomes all too apparent. Democracy, burdened by dysfunction and poisoned by partisan toxicity, falters under its own weight, mirroring the twilight of an empire. The United States grapples with internal social malaise, an affliction that signals the decline of a once-great nation. Britain, embroiled in the quagmire of Brexit, contends with an energy crisis and rampant inflation, while Europe, shackled by Russia’s stranglehold on its energy supply, races against time to recalibrate and salvage its economic stability.

The unfiltered deluge of vitriol unleashed across unregulated platforms of social media breeds a perilous new cyber electorate, a breeding ground ripe for malign foreign actors to manipulate civil discourse. The insidious contagion of political correctness and ‘wokeism’ casts a suffocating shadow upon free thought, free speech, and the indomitable right of individuals to dare, to aspire, to hope, unhindered by those seeking to silence them.

As the foundations of democracy crumble, opportunistic regimes like China and Russia eagerly seize the opportunity to fill the void, exerting their influence and shaping the world according to their own agendas. For those troubled by the alarming trajectory of these developments, The Plato Prophecy emerges as an urgent call to action, a searing exploration of the perils facing humanity’s most cherished ideals.

Bruce Nicholls writes from an intimate knowledge of international affairs, having served as Australia’s Trade Commissioner to India, Germany, Switzerland, China and finally, Hong Kong, where he was also Commissioner for Australia. He was President of the Australia-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry and a Trustee of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and is the founding chair of public policy forums in Sydney & Melbourne. He is a vocal champion in the cause of allowing good public policy to rise above political toxicity and a promoter of civil discourse, free thought and free speech. This is his 5th book. His books have won wide literary acclaim, including the Newspaper House Annual Literary Award and other accolades.

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