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The Queen Of The Geraticaian Empire-bookcover

By: Anne Hampton

The Queen Of The Geraticaian Empire

Pages: 322 Ratings: 5.0
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With the two parallel worlds of Geratica - Geratica and Geraticai - now finally separated, Geratica has a new constitution drafted by the brilliant young Alexandra Radcliffe. Her mother, Linda, is now aiming to become their first prime minister. She is determined to bring in reforms and will need to deal with the continuing issue of male rights. Alexandra is graduating from Castra University and will shortly be embarking upon plans for her own career, which Linda is keen to be involved in.

Meanwhile, Geraticai has returned to a monarchy after its recent bloody civil war, with Queen Saphron now reigning and married to Gordon, the son of a wealthy mine owner. However to be a Geratician monarch with her Geratican noble origins is controversial amongst some on that world, and her sister in law, an ambitious young woman called Christabel, aims to take the throne for herself. Geraticai now has a parliament for the first time and a prime minister, Daniella Sturridge.

At the same time the now officially deceased mongrel, Fiona, whose mind still lives on mixed with that of the other, Robert - Linda Radcliffe's former husband - as a hybrid inside the mistress of Geratica's domain, is plotting to avenge her situation by manipulating unrest on Geratica, and now sees an opportunity to infiltrate and adapt Christabel's plans for her own sinister purposes...

Anne Hampton was born in 1971 and lives in Bristol, England.
She doesn't specifically write for one genre but encompasses politics, spying, action, thriller, murder, mystery, romance, adult, and fantasy themes.
Anne favours strong female lead characters (though she is not a feminist), and approaches adult themes from a sexually dominant woman's perspective"”reversing the traditional male/female roles in the bedroom.

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1 reviews
  • Melissa Espenschied - Night Reader Reviews

    The Queen of the Geraticaian Empire by Anna Hampton is the third book in The Two Worlds of Geratica Series. This book continues perfectly from where there the previous book left off. I am also happy to see that this is not the final book in the Geratica series. I look forward to seeing the world(s) carry on.

    At the direction of The Mistress, Alexandra creates the first Constitution of Geratica that is adopted by the new government. Two main political parties form, Conservatives and Radicals, and elections begin. Elizabeth surprisingly joins the Conservative Party alongside Linda instead of the Radicals as everyone expected after her involvement with the Male Rights Protesters. Unsurprisingly Linda also runs in the elections, not wanting to give up her power. Meanwhile, Alexandra graduates from Castra University and starts looking for employment.

    Things are not all smooth sailing though as conditions in Geraticai are still out of balance. The woman placed there from Geratica to be their Queen is put in jail by her own sister-in-law in a play for the throne. The sister-in-law’s seat is not secure either as the Hybrid living inside the Mistress starts thinking up ways to get back at those in Geratica it feels wronged it. The Hybrid plans to attack Geratica, specifically targeting Queen Alexandra and Linda in order to name itself The Queen of the Geraticaian Empire.

    What I liked best about this one was how the characters evolved over the course of the book. Linda is starting to relax on her views and accept that times are changing. Other characters are evolving and growing as well, yet her transformation is the most shocking. Although this book was packed full of surprises.

    The target readers for this book remains the same as the first two. That means this book is geared towards adult female readers more so than other groups. While there isn’t as much sex in this one as the previous two books, politics and the occurrence of rape still keeps it at an adult level. I rate this book 4 out of 4. I found this book to be just as well written and compelling as the first two in the series.

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