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The Reverse Psychic-bookcover

By: Kulvinder Kherteru

The Reverse Psychic

Pages: 66 Ratings: 5.0
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Can you imagine? Someone who could look back into your past life and bring out into the open the good parts and the bad parts of your story? But to share it with the rest of the world...who would want that? How dangerous and scary is this? This was neither a rumour nor a scam; it had been proven to be true. No one really knew for sure how far back she could actually go, historically. She went by the stage name Xubia but was known worldwide as ‘The Reverse Psychic.’

Politicians, Judges, Doctors, Policemen to name but a few, were all here for safety reasons. It was common knowledge that many arrests had been made at these events. It also wasn’t set in stone that your story would come to light, yet many came for the experience, others searching for truth and justice. The five friends had waited for this moment all their lives. They sold what they had to in order to save their money just to be here at this time. £10,000 for a ticket was nothing compared to what they got in return.

The friends just prayed that at some point maybe they might get lucky and their story will unfold for all to see. They finally found someone who could help them with their terrific trauma and perhaps put an end to all their suffering.

Kulvinder Kherteru is a devoted daughter-in-law, a wife and a mother. She has always had a passion for reading books since childhood. In her late 40s, she obtained her GCSE in English within six months and completed her BA Honour’s degree over the period of eight years. She has been working in Special Needs Education for 19 years to date and continues to do so.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Devi

    I really enjoyed the read this was something completely different. Well done you have smashed it! I cannot wait to read your next book!

  • Raj Kumar

    What a great read from start to finish building the story and drawing you to the characters through the detail from the writer . Story takes you through the ups and downs and leaves you wanting to turn the page for more , as you imagine the scene and the people and the nervous tension.The last few pages really sum up the storyline as to why I’m writing this review a 5 star must read.

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