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By: Sarah Earl

The Rise of Darkness

Pages: 434 Ratings: 4.0
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For centuries the Chroniclers have been the keepers of knowledge, history, and tradition. Living and working in the various Havens around the world, the Chroniclers are protected by the Guardians, warriors sworn to shield them from harm. Kess Grayson is a Chronicler, like her mother before her, but she knows there is more to her than just curating dry and dusty books. She feels it. Crossing the social divide between her kind and the Guardians may get her into trouble, but Kess forgoes tradition and seeks out the warriors requesting they train her. And she is right to. Old and soulless forces are massing to bring down the Havens, there may be traitors in their midst, and her own unique and forbidden bloodline could be the key to uniting everyone on the side of light and having a chance to triumph in the coming apocalypse. 

Sarah Earl lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and three young children.

"I have always enjoyed stories which take well-known myths and legends and give them a twist. I hope you enjoy the first book of The Rise of Darkness series."


Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • TheAndreeaDaniela

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review. So here it is!

    “The Rise of Darkness” by Sarah Earl is a fantasy novel that will instantly take a grip on you. It has all the elements of a fantastic story: badass characters, conflict, interesting plots, fantasy creatures , everything enveloped in this world that the author created.

    I found the book a bit confusing in the beginning, but everything made sense when I dived deeper into the book. The action is gripping, the story really draws you in once with the tuning of pages. The story is really interesting and the main character is very easy to get to love, with all the difficulties she is confronting during the book. I really liked the way Kess wanted more from this life than what is given to her, I liked her determination to continue even when all the odds were against her will, and I admired her for her strength.

    I enjoyed the writing style of the author, even though sometimes I found the descriptions to be a bit too much. Which at parts made the story seem dull.

    Overall, the story is amazing, I really enjoyed this book, but I will give it 3.5 stars because there were parts in it that weren’t really my cup of tea, but of course that is a subjective matter and it doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy them. This is only my opinion. My final verdict is that the story is really good, but the writing style could be improved. It’s unfortunate for the story to lose its spark because of the too many irrelevant details or because of the sudden changes in perspective or scenes in the flow of events. Whatsoever, these are my only complains about the book, everything else is on point. The characters, plots, world building are really well done, and I would like to congratulate the author for these aspects. I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers in search of a gripping adventure.

  • Carmel of @bookablereads

    I received a copy of the book for an honest review from Austin Macauley Publishers, so thank you. And this will not affect my thoughts about the book in any way.

    The world in the Haven is divided by two group. Chronicler who are the keeper of knowledge and the Guardians who protected the Chroniclers. Kess, the character who is a Chronicler unravel her true identity when she decided that she want to be trained to be a Guardian.

    The story is a fast-paced story that enables me to keep reading it until the end. It is a fantasy novel that will took me to another adventure that you surely love. One thing to really love in the story is how action packed it is all throughout the story.

    I really admire the characters in the story on how they were being developed in each events that happened. They are the type of character that I will surely want to be with. I find in the story how Kess, surpassed the hard things that happen to her and how she find ease in coping and surpassing it.  I also like how her other friends in the story dedicate their life just to protect her no matter what until the end. And that is what I'm looking for a friend that will stick to you no matter what.

    One thing I don't like about it is that the author put too much characters in the story. I found it a little bit confusing as when a character is being introduced and then viola it will enter the story again after many events happened. You will be shocked when they appear in the story and you will  try to remember who are they in the story.

    My final thoughts is that I really liked it and the story is so good that will want you to be excited to read it every chapter. The story all in all will grip you to really love reading fantasy novels.

    I highly recommend it for readers out their who seek for a new  great adventure read and new fresh story. 

    Lastly, I give it a 4 out of 5 star.

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