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The Samui Conspiracy-bookcover

By: Carline Bouilhet

The Samui Conspiracy

Pages: 292 Ratings: 5.0
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Under the limpid skies of a Parisian summer morning, the funeral takes place, closed casket and under locks. Shortly afterwards, Billy’s three sisters begin to suffer from recurring visions.

The nightmares are eerily identical. In their dream, the coffin is empty and a ticking clock sits where their brother’s head should have been. Convinced that their brother is still alive, calling out to them in their sleep, they put their lives on hold and go looking for answers in the Land of Smiles, in faraway Thailand.

Frog Leap Productions was Billy’s last chance at a normal life. However, a fortuitous encounter in a Bangkok bar with a charismatic stranger and an enigmatic Eurasian beauty invite him to redeem the past and start over.

Will Billy come to accept the proposal designed to offer him a future or will he turn into another deadly pawn? When his sisters finally come looking for him, they are all too soon drawn into a web of murder and intrigue where the disappearance of foreign nationals lies at the heart of an international smuggling ring for the new and hip party drug, Infinity. Will they follow the unfathomable clues or decide to let bygones be bygones?

A scholar by training, a businesswoman by day and a writer by night, Carline discovers the kernel of a story in every bite she takes out of life. Having divided her time equally between three continents, her fast-paced thrillers take the reader on a roller coaster ride spanning Asia, Europe and the Americas. Ten years ago, she started writing fiction on a dare and as a way to keep monsters at bay after losing one eye. The Samui Conspiracy is her fourth novel.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews

    In times like this it's great to let our minds travel to a fictive world. The Samui Conspiracy took me all the way with such ease.
    As I’m reading the flow of images enter my imagination so easily as if I was there thanks to the writer's incredible ability to describe us the world her characters live and travel in.
    The intricacies of the conspiracy just made me want to read faster and not have an end! Had a great time, Thank you!

  • M. Fabre, Paris Düsseldorf

    I loved and devoured this book! It is very well written and a real page-turner, as we live the life of Louis and of his sister’s in different parts of the world - which we discover through precise, interesting and also colourful descriptions. We learn how 4 siblings and 2 parents can be so different from each other, like in most families, but how love unites them always. The search for the truth as to what actually happened to their brother is thrilling, I just could not put the book down!
    This is the 3rd book written by Carline Bouilhet which I have read, and I hope there will be a lot more! The plots are all completely different in each book, we learn new places and new activities in a very entertaining way!

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